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    Patrick McGoohan - RIP

    In 1955, McGoohan starred in a West End production of a play called Serious Charge, in the role of a priest accused of being gay. Orson Welles was so impressed by McGoohan's stage presence ("intimidated," Welles said later) that he cast him as Starbuck in his York theatre production of Moby Dick...
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    Beyond The Sea - Instrumental Version

    Does anyone know if the instrumental version of "Beyond The Sea" that plays at the end of the Finding Nemo Submarine Ride at DL is the same version as played by George Benson on his CD 20/20? Thanks in advance
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    Main Street USA Area Music [MK]

    Main Street USA Music - Please Help! Seasons Greetings All! I was hoping you could help me.  Could anyone please tell me where I could procure copies of these Main Street songs - "Disneyland - Main Street USA - Area Music - Wells Fargo Wagon" "Disneyland - Main Street USA - Area Music -...
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    Randy Thorton Disneyland and Buena Vista Records Remasters

    Hey Randy! Can we get these remasters like the "Walt Disney World Band" or "Hall of Presidents" any more? Why did they get rid of the kiosks? Were the kiosks mp3 or WAV burns? Seems a shame that after all of your hard work they are not for sale except in an mp3 form. Thanks for the help and...
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    Animal Kingdom music ?

    YES!! My bad South African Spelling Error!! That is the song ::)
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    Animal Kingdom music ?

    Johnny Cleg and Saluka - Smatterings Of Africa! Great Song. Africa, Animal Kingdom. Get it? :o
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    Paul Frees-A Disneyland Exclusive?

    Hey Mark! What is the website?