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    1961 Parent Trap Question

    What song was it...?
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    Question for Randy about Winnie the Pooh

    In my opinion - and I'm a longtime poster, for about 7 years to this board in its many incarnations - I have less respect, if ANY for Mr.Jim Cummings after the Pooh and Tigger replacement [did Sterling Holloway, who passed away in 1992, after he'd been replace, retire and okay it?I know Mr.Paul...
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    Wow! New Board

    Long time since I logged in, but saw this new look and am glad to be still logged in.
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    What is the big deal with High School Musical?

    Today's kids make GREASE a constant ratings winner (the ORIGINAL generation isn't what keweps advertisers rich!) and HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL is IMO an excellent wholesome show, and I enjoy MovieTunes in theatres playing (thank you, Chris Eric Stephens). DOn't forget HAIRSPRAY,too.
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    Is anyone else sick of Wayne Allwine?

    Oh.. Russi Taylor and Cree Summer are the poorman's Bernice Hansen. (Many thirties Hollywood shorts,including many for Warner Bros., Universal,Columbia,MGM AND Disney!) Type in "Let it be Me" (WB, Friz Freleng), one of Bing Crosby spoofs (I highly reverse the great...
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    Is anyone else sick of Wayne Allwine?

    Well, what do you expect (from Russi T.?) She was Strawberry Shortcake and probaly auditioned for Tiny Toons's Emyra before Cree Summer got the role... ;)
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    Re:Disneys Dreams Come True & Dream Along With Mickey

    As does mine. Perhaps this thread should be closed
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    Imagine if you were a 1960s Disneyland Records casting director!

    I would make a "Carosel of Progresss" LP with new bird characters living in a huge treehouse (NOT the Tikiroom one--that's ANOTHER attraction!) created for it in 1967 (note all these following greats are long gone. :() THe sun, the unnamed and only non-avian character, the MC..Thurl...
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    "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" Soundtrack on Disneyland Records

    You know, I always fantasize a situation of Disneyland records doing Rankin Bass soundtracks (and I enjoy the Goldschmidt site and his book which I have rented from the library!), from or even in the 60s, with the logiistics a cast like the following for the udnerrated feature flick...
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    "The Nutcracker Suite" From "Fantasia"

    Interesting that this one's brought up here because I had downlaoded off of WinMXC a nunber f SPike Jones rcordings including (as on one of several LPs opf his that I own!) HIUS 7 minuite version of "Nutcracker"..this has usually just the elements found in Disney's verison PLUS the Nutcracker...
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    Mouse Tracks: The Story of Walt Disney Records

    Do any major book stores carry it? (I was born and raised in Southern California, so these are the (for me, anyhow!) significant stores: Borders, Barnes and Noble, and the soon-to-be-gone TOwer Records;most are nationwide.) Update:(Novemebr 13,2060 Went to Disneyland (Anaheim) and the book is...
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    Annette Funicello Turned 64 Sunday

    Glad that someone else noticed! Happy Birthday, ANnette, and thansk for (as musicradio77 nioted) for being everything good abotu Walt Disney Productions (WALT..NOT Ei$ner..)
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    Any other recent WDW Theme Park albums?

    I hoping for the Tiki Room. The ORIGINAL, no Iago, NO Zazu, etc. (but I live in Southern California where the original park & attraction is, but that post of mine is for those close to Florida,esp. David S., Zorro and other posters here who have commented..DS used to post on Disney parks...
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    Mouse Tracks: The Story of Walt Disney Records

    I was glad to see the announcement for the book.Putting THAT one on my list Looking forward to having it myself! ;D ;D
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    OT: Knott's Berry Farm Entrance BGM List

    There probaly should be a reprise of the "Capitol Media Music" topic from many years back!! Allow me to mentioin in regard to BOTH D'Land (I've lived all of my LIFE in Southern Calif. so you can just GUESS which Disneyland I've been to..yep Anaheim.Now to the point at han d.) and KNOTTS, if you...