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    Playlist Contemporary Resort

    Yes, I worked there for 3 years, there is definitely music. It's hard to hear in the lobby because its usually loud, same with the Grand Canyon Concourse. You can usually hear it pretty good in the Porte-cochere, and in the elevator areas between the Bay Lake and Kingdom sides. I seem to...
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    Playlist Grand Floridian [1988]

    Just that I heard it roughly 5 days a week for a year when I worked there. Most people don't notice the loop because it's muted in the lobby after 4pm until 9:45 when the band and pianist do their sets. But it definitely plays in the Porte Cochere and monorail platform. As to its content I...
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    All Star Movies Resort BGM

    This is the track listing for Erich Kunzel - A Disney Spectacular 1. When You Wish Upon A Star 2. It's A Small World 3. Medley From Alice In Wonderland 4. March Of The Cards 5. Medley From Mary Poppins 6. Medley From Cinderella 7. Medley From The Jungle Book 8. Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf...