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    TDS BraviSEAmo Translation

    Awesome! Thanks for the translation! Didn't realize Mickey said Hello to everyone so much.
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    TDS BraviSEAmo Translation

    Hi all, Does anyone have a translation of what Mickey Mouse says at the beginning of BraviSEAmo at Tokyo DisneySEA, as well as that dark voice that talks with him? I've listened to the soundtrack over and over and would love to know what they are saying. Thanks!
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    BraviSEAmo "Swept Away"

    Hi all! Just got back from Tokyo Disney Resort with a bag full of CD's. But there's one song that I didn't get that I can't seem to find. Anyone know where I can get a copy of the song "Swept Away" that's played right after BraviSEAmo ends? I fell in love with the song (both nights I heard...