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    Japanese DVD's

    Video CDs don't have region coding so they can be played in any VCD compatible DVD player.
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    DVD Extras Question

    The UK region 2 release of Pocahontas includes If I Never Knew You and In the Middle of the River. The UK Hunchback DVD includes the unused film version of Someday (but not the 2 songs you mentioned). I don't think any of them are included on the US region 1 DVDs. The UK Sleeping Beauty extras...
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    Japanese DVD's

    Japanese DVDs are NTSC like the US ones, but they are region 2. US is region 1 so you'll need a region-free player to watch them. Mike, I'm afraid your Spirited Away DVD is not a legal copy :(
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    Disney to remake Sorcerer's apprentice

    Snow Queen?
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    Disney to remake Sorcerer's apprentice

    Whoah. I hope nobody at Disney read that. They might do it... :-
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    Just a fun picture!

    You still haven't told us which one is you... ;)
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    Magical Music of the RABBIT!

    Ahem, what about MULAN? :)
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    Next DVD?

    Apparently they're also releasing a box set of Lilo and Stitch in France, including the DVD, the CD soundtrack, a poster and some postcards. Anyone know if the French version of Lilo and Stitch is edited like the German and UK versions are said to be?
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    Next DVD?

    According to (link below), they're releasing a 2-disc collector's edition of Peter Pan in France. It includes the black-and-white live action Peter Pan as well... The other extras seem to be mostly the same as on the current US/UK releases...
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    The Black Cauldron soundtrack

    If there ever was a songs&score Robin Hood CD it is a far more rare release than the Aristocats CD. The latter is still available in several countries in Europe, I think. Wasn't Robin Hood supposed to be in the Classic Soundtrack series before it was cancelled? So maybe it'll appear in the...
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    Next DVD?

    The Sleeping Beauty DVD is a great one. I bought the German version last spring, but didn't realize that disc 2 would be in German only... So I'm now updating it to the UK release :) It also has a much nicer cover art.
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    New Sherman Sampler Announced...

    I wonder what Susan sings on the CD...
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    The Black Cauldron soundtrack

    Is there a Robin Hood CD?
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    Aladdin in DCA?

    Is the "new" song the one they used for the "Disney on Ice" show of Aladdin? It used the melody of "To Be Free" score track from the soundtrack of the film, and the words went something like "I just wanted to be free...". Not very impressive IMO.
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    Deluxe Lilo and Stitch DVD

    I'm quite sure that 1,66:1 is the original aspect ratio of Lilo and Stitch, as is for most of the recent animated films. Atlantis was "Sleeping Beauty widescreen", however. :)