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    Message from Randy about next wave of iTunes

    All those titles have been released on the Wonderland system a long time ago. (I already own several) Seems like they're just importing the titles if that's the case, what have they REALLY been working on? ???
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    Bruce Broughton Scores Half of EPCOT

    Re: Bruce Broughton scores half of EPCOT. Bring back Tomorrow's Child! :D
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    !!!ThemePark Music by Bruce Broughton CD Release Petition!!!

    Yes, $100.00 dollars would be my donation.
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    On January 16th More Albums Debut on iTunes

    That's Great! Randy, is there any chance of all those fantastic old Disneyland & WDW parades and shows eventually being released on ITunes? (Or at the park in some form) :D
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    The Timekeeper / Le Visionarium

    Now that Timekeeper is Closed...=( Hi Everyone! Long time reader here. Do you think Disney will finally release this score? I've been searching for years with no luck...Randy, please. :) And while your putting together a fantastic Timekeeper album, go ahead and make a Dream Flight album as...
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    The Timekeeper / Le Visionarium

    Timekeeper Score/show? Howdy all, Does anybody have a copy or know where to find a recording of the score from the WDW version of Timekeeper? The WDW score is very different from the DLP version. Even show version would be great! Peace and Goodwill!