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    Incredibles Music

    Does anyone know if the pulsing music in the Incredibles trailer (a new trailer was just posted recently) is from the movie itself or lifted from another film? It sounds great, and if it is original music, I'll be buying the soundtrack on day 1. Thanks. RyMickey
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    Converting wma and real audio to mp3`

    I recently discovered some audio files in the .wma and .rm (real audio) formats that I am not able to burn onto a cd using Toast or iTunes (I have a Mac). I'm rather new to this whole thing and I was wondering if anyone knew of any Mac-compatable downloads that would convert these files. I've...
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    Rock 'N' Roller loop

    I've searched the archives and can't seem to find an answer...Does anyone have a listing of the music from the loop/area music played outside of the Rock 'N' Roller Coaster at WDW? Thanks.
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    Newbie's Questions

    Hi everyone. Just came across this site which has preoccupied me for a while today and I thought I'd post a few questions I have. Does anyone know of any comprehensive sites where Disney theme park music is 'downloadble' or 'uploadable'? While I realize that the whole idea of mp3 and...