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    DHS Main Entrance Loop - Calling All J.R. Ewing Fans

    I have a Dallas theme clocking in at 2:39. Would that be it?
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    Should Disney Theme Park Music Be Released on iTunes?

    The other downside, and the reason a lot of the music isn't available, is the artist's contracts. Disney doesn't own the full rights to all of the park music. For example, my friend composed sections of the Main Street Electrical Parade. While his contract states that they can use the music...
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    Music from 1981 Film 'A Dream Called EPCOT'

    Re:Music from 1981 film 'A Dream Called EPCOT' (downloads) Wow!!!! Thanks! :)
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    Disneyan merchandise

    Honestly, I would start your bid at the lowest price you would sell it for and not lose sleep over. If it goes up from there (and it most likely will) then great! If not, you at least got a price you were willing to accept.
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    Re:HELP! I need Orange Bird!

    Orange ya glad I didn't say I was Anita?
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    Not a DVD, But a New WALT DISNEY TREASURES, Nonetheless

    Re:Not a DVD, but a new WALT DISNEY TREASURES , nonetheless Too funny! ;D
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    Disneyland 25th Anniversary Parade (downloads available)

    These are GREAT! More!!!! ;D
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    Plug: 1313 South Harbor Blvd. Disneyland Audio Site

    Nothing they have is commercially available. As soon as they host music someone can purchase, you can bet Disney would be all over them. Disney knows they're there.
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    REQUEST: Good DAK Dinosaur recording

    In the meantime, here's this:
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    A Musical History Of Epcot Center

    Wow - all I know is I'd be all over that like a fat kid on a chocolate bar.
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    Extinct attractions cd to give...

    I'm interested in a trade if you haven't already. Send me a PM if you want to. Thanks
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    Living Seas Audio and Music

    Thanks, TTiiMM! You're the greatest! ;D
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    Living Seas Audio and Music

    Thanks! How do I access a.b.m.disney.parks?
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    Living Seas Audio and Music

    Does anyone know where I could get music from The Living Seas at Epcot? Back in the 1980's there used to be great audio tracks there, but they've never been released comercially to my knowledge. Thanks.