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    Mulan Complete Motion Picture Score on cd

    Thanks for confirming.
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    Mulan Complete Motion Picture Score on cd

    I've seen a listing on ebay for a complete score cd released by Emperor Entertainment. It seems like it must be a bootleg. But its selling for over $300. Does anyone know anything about this release?
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    Encanto cd.

    Is there actually a deluxe 2 disk set anywhere in the world, or just a one disk? I see lots of listings for the deluxe edition, but no track listing or pics.
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    WDW 50th Box Set?

    I’ll take that as a yes.
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    WDW 50th Box Set?

    Who are we talking about? Randy Thornton?
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    WDW 50th Box Set?

    It’s 2021 so it’s time to start asking!
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    Behind the Clouds from Radiator Springs Racers

    If Randy Thornton or anyone who could make this happen is out there, I'd love to hear the complete version of the violin led instrumental version of Behind the Clouds from the ride if it exists on a future cd release. As a big Disney and Brad Paisley fan this is my new musical holy grail.
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    Victor Young credit in theme park music and "Peter Pan's song"

    I remember seeing a credit for Victor Young for something related to Peter Pan in either a parade or a fireworks show's music. And I recently got a cd called 100 Years of Peter Pan with a song called Peter Pan's Song credited to Lawrence/Young. Then I saw the sheet music which also has a...
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    Puppy Love and Thru the Mirror on TD Music Album

    Thanks, Paul. I got 4 or 5 WDW Forever cd’s back when they were available. If I could go back in time I would have just gotten them all. It would be nice to be able to buy the entire Toontown loop, and I’d love to have the Midway Mania loop as I love creative arrangements of already great...
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    Puppy Love and Thru the Mirror on TD Music Album

    Found a list of Toontown tracks from both of the Forever Kiosks and did not see Thru the Mirror on the list. Was the track exclusive to the TDL music album or was it just accidentally left off of the list?
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    Puppy Love and Thru the Mirror on TD Music Album

    Thanks, Paul. Are these the only tracks based on early Disney shorts from the theme park cd’s?
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    Puppy Love and Thru the Mirror on TD Music Album

    What attraction or show are these from and is there more music from early Disney shorts available on any other TD albums?
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    Should I Buy Disneyland Legacy Collection?

    I don't have any California Adventure cd's, most recent Disneyland CD's were the 6 CD Box Set Musical History of Disneyland, most recent Disney World is the current 2 cd set. Considering which of these tracks I already have, and which one's are likely to show up on a possible new Disneyland...
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    Overture - Jungle Book and PotC

    When I saw the topic I knew what the question must be. The only thing it could be was "What is that instrument?" I 'm glad I read this because I had convinced myself that this was actually a sub-tone clarinet. I have several recordings by the Paul Whiteman Band with Chet Hazlett playing this...