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    Disneyland Forever--Back???!!!

    accidently typed in "" ... got a beautiful"coming soon" page with a notice that "Disneyland Forever is a registered trademark of Walt Disney Records."
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    Hey might enjoy this...

    i guess if you thought she looked like dennis the menace in drag in the movie, then she did as a rubber head. looks the same, and i thought she looked fine. loved the movie, too.
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    Hey might enjoy this...

    The latest disney characters are always in the boat ... it's never bothered me. and sorry to hear you got a weird-looking lilo over there ... at DL/DCA, she looks just like she did in the movie, in the red dress.
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    50 years from now

    Annual Passholders will lobby to place a "Locals Only" sign over the entrance to Disneyland, and will be celebrating their 50th year in a row of not setting foot in DCA, while still complaining about it. ;)
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    Bye to Vault Disney

    enough reading, time to respond. i like the disney channel as is, and my kids (9 and 12) LOVE it. i can hardly tear them away from Lizzie McGwire, Even Stevens, The Proud Family, Kim Possible ... and i like those shows too. it may not appeal to ALL of you boomers, but it does appeal to some...
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    Animal Rock

    it's not from the movie ... there are listening samples at
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    Favorite Animated Christmas Specials

    how about "The Small One"?!? My daughter loved that when she was little!! seriously, though, besides the usual suspects, track down the video compilations Disney released in the 80s and 90s: Sing Along Songs: Very Merry Christmas Songs A Walt Disney Christmas Jiminy Cricket's Christmas A...
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    Randy: Disney's Greatest?

    Randy, how long will the Disney's Greatest series run? I loved the Classic Disney CDs, but lamented the end of the run. I know it's not up to you, but you think maybe this one will survive for a good long stretch?
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    More cover versions

    aaron carter just released another album, so the timing is good for him. jump 5 is also being heavily promoted by radio disney ... they did a "radio disney" version of one of their songs for the station (took out overt God references -- they're a Christian group -- and put in vague "feel good"...
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    Soundtracks Coming Soon

    i can speak to the 3 pigs ... in the segment where a Fuller Brush Man knocks on the door of (i think) Practical Pig, that had been re-animated from the original, not too long after release. originally, the knock on the door came from a peddler, wearing a yarmulke and cloak with a Star of...
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    Light Magic ?

    no, Light Magic is GONE, forever gone. MSEP is now DEP (Disney's Electrical Parade) and alive at DCA.
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    DelivEars #: 800-362-4533
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    Disneyland Anniversay CD Box Set

    bump Bear Band Serenade to 73, and stick Main Street Electrical Parade in 72 ... i THINK it was 72, wasn't it?? And why no Light Magic theme?? ;)
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    Disney Mania?

    was at a Disney Store the other day, and on their video screens, they showed the kidpop group Jump 5 (one of my daughter's favorites) doing a version of Beauty and the Beast that apparently will be on the special edition DVD ... then the info at the bottom said it would be release on the...