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    Disney's Celebrate America!

    I don't believe they used it last night in the Magic Kingdom. I got there about quarter of, and I don't remember hearing it. They did play a 5-minute announcement.
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    Walt Disney Treasures DVDs

    Thank you for the answers, and eyore, now you have more info about your collections too! Knew I could count on you folks here!
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    Walt Disney Treasures DVDs

    Forgive the non-music question, but I can remember these DVDs being discussed here long ago and figured someone would know the answer. I can't seem to determine if these DVDs have been rereleased and sold without the collectible tins. I am thinking of buying one or two from the earlier waves...
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    Disneyland Resort Paris - Les Parades en Musique 2009 CD

    Strange they included the Cinema parade, when that was already scheduled to end... Still, I have some hope that perhaps they will release the Stars and Motorcars parade music, in whatever form they use it. Apparently, they won't use the cars for a full parade, but rather a procession that ends...
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    WDW Christmas Observations

    Thank you, Jay! I'll be buying that for sure. I had been online searching all kinds of crazy stuff and couldn't come up with the right version. I surely appreciate it! Forums look great!
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    WDW Christmas Observations

    Having done a whirlwind holiday tour of the parks, I just had a few observations: * It's disappointing that they don't do the tree-lighting ceremony at Epcot anymore. The little character show was very cute. I wonder, though, if they felt it was too similar to the MK castle-lighting show in...
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    Tokyo DisneySea/land Music Albums 2008

    Wow! So excited about this! Especially the 25th fireworks, and MICKEY'S ADVENTURELAND MARDI GRAS! (and yes, I'm really shouting for joy.) I loved that show so much! Remember the pre-announcements? "Do you like music?" "Do you like having fun?" Ha!
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    It's a Small World at Disneyland Paris

    I hope I wasn't implying that the 9-11 tragedy was more painful than other countries' tragedies. I was just surprised that a company whose business it is is to create a fairytale utopia far removed from reality would leave such a jarring reminder of reality. I will be there in a few weeks, and I...
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    It's a Small World at Disneyland Paris

    Wow, they still have the twin towers? Not sure how I feel about that. It's a nice tribute to leave them there, but it seems like it would be awfully jarring in the middle of a fun day at Disneyland to come face to face with memories of 9-11. I'm surprised Disney, which usually doesn't care much...
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    WDW Easter Parade audio?

    I have also been looking for years and found nothing beyond Peter Cottontail... it's disheartening that so many others have also come up emptyhanded. Makes me think maybe it's just not out there...
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    Lights of Winter

    Rick (or anyone), What is meant by the "Lights On" theme? Doesn't the Lights of Winter loop begin with a Christmas medley right after the Tree Lighting Ceremony ends?
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    Little Mermaid On Broadway Track Listing and Release Date

    Sadly, just about every change made from the demo to the final version was for the worse ... and it appears the disastrous ending to the show survives intact. Oh well, it will still play for years.
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    Find Stitch 2007

    Thanks, guys, for the info -- and for pointing me toward the ResortatHome site. Don't know how I've missed that site! ;D
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    Find Stitch 2007

    Does anyone know if there is anything different about the Find Stitch 2007 CD from Tokyo Disneyland, compared with the original CD? Thanks!
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    Tokyo's Moving On cd

    Thanks for the report. Can't wait for June!