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    MK "Pirates Arcade" Played in the PotC Queue?

    Just remembered: "Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life For Me)" also played on the left side of the queue, interspersed between dialogue segments of the soldiers. This was the same version of Yo Ho which played in the first caverns/grotto scene and is still heard in Disneyland's Pirates.
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    MK "Pirates Arcade" Played in the PotC Queue?

    The Barker Bird speil just a little under 3 minutes if I recall correctly. This spiel included periods of silence & random squawking and whistling. As for the sound effects in the queue, there were the digging pirates on the right side of the queue... on the left, there was a section of...
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    MK "Pirates Arcade" Played in the PotC Queue?

    The Pirates Arcade music originally played in the queue hallway in and just past the turnstiles. This piece was removed during the 2006 rehab (when the outside queue music - steel drums - was also displaced, as well as the Spanish guitar and other queue elements). It has since been replaced by...
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    Revised "Canada" Area Music

    Wedroy1923, do you have any information regarding the 59 minute loop?
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    Space Mountain

    "We've Come So Far" was written by Larry Gertz (music by George Wilkins) and is copyright 1991 (Walt Disney Music Company). Thoughts??
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    Revised "Canada" Area Music

    Very interesting. Is it possible that the Circarama Theater exit/KidCot area plays the longer of the two loops? Is there an induction of the 29 min. loop?
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    John Williams at Studios

    My estimate of the tracks released on the Official Album: Spaceship Earth Exterior Spaceship Earth Ascent (So let's travel back in time...) Cavemen Scene The Phoenecians Greece Mathematician The Roman Empire The Renaissance Renaissance Chapel Turn of the Century Tunnel Descent into blue...
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    Revised "Canada" Area Music

    Wedroy: "Alberta Bound" is in neither of two loops that I've heard online. (One is master, 1:06:10, 4th song is "Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald," the other loop seems to be induction, 52:09... both loops were put online several years ago). I noticed, however, that the Disney Music Loops...
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    Revised "Canada" Area Music

    The other day while strolling through the World Showcase, I noticed that Gordon Lightfoot's "Alberta Bound" was playing just out front of the Canada pavilion (near the merchandise carts). I have never heard this song played around the pavilion, and it definitely is not a part of either of the...
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    2001 Epcot Entrance Loop

    I do not think that Russell Brower is responsible for the 1982 loop....
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    The Seas - BGM

    Isn't it from the movie? ( Not as good as the original score 8) )
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    No, Canada

    During what years was the Expo film used? (Dates??)
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    New Nautical Liberty Sq music?

    Yes... January-March, select nights
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    New Nautical Liberty Sq music?

    Yes, during the Pirates and Princess party there is a new nautical selection of songs. Frontierland has a more Disneyland-style Wild West loop... and all of Adventureland plays the POTC music loop. :)
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    One and Only Genuine Original Family Band QUESTION...

    Ahh, thanks for all the help. Mr. Ehrbar - you are such a generous, knowledgable person. Thank you! Let's see these albums make it to itunes!