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    SeaWorld 'Believe' Soundtrack

    Agree!!!!!! Christopher Ward has done a wonderful job with the "Believe" schore. The CD is also WONDERFUL not only because it's a complete soundtrack but it also includes all the demo tracks that are not in the show. So everything ever produced for the show has been released. The "Blue...
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    If anyone does not like Blue Horizons or Believe then just leave it alone. The music is great and so are the shows. It's hard enough working with animals, let alone people. Blue Horizons and Belive are taking park entertainment to a new level. Actually Busch Entertainment has produced some...
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    Next Official WDW Album

    Rick, Unfortunately the next WDW official album is scheduled for release in February 2005. The current album titled "Where Magic Lives" has been extended until the end of the of the "Magical Gatherings" celebration. WDW Merchandise has given it a new PLU number for 2004 but it is the same...
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    A new DLRP CD is on its way...

    Howdy Folks, There use to be a web site that you could order Euro Disney CD;s from but I dont think they are around anymore. Does anyone know the best way to contact mail order or order these cd's? Remembering the Magic!! Parker
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    What are the Chances for HMH this year?

    Where did you guys here the internet clip of HMH? Hope to hear from you. Parker
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    DisneySea Symphony review

    Tim, Nice cd report. I have the cd and your report reads just as it sounds. I encourage you to continue posting after listening to your cd's. Thanks and excellent job!! Parker
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    Disneyland Paris cd's

    ??? Does anyone know if Small World Records is still in business? They were able to get Euro Disney cd's for us. Let me know if any of you know if they still exist and their web address. Take Care!!! Happy Easter!
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    If You Had Wings

    :) I'm not sure where it came from but I would love to have a copy of it. Let me know what you think. Parker