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    Shazam: A New Tool for Identifying Area Music

    Re: A New Tool in Identifying Area Music This will be useful. There was a generic track from the 1970's I ave been unable to identify all these years so such technology.... if they have as a copmputer program, me quite itnerested. :D
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    The Wonderful World of David Oneal

    Re: OT: A positive story concerning EXTINCT ATTRACTIONS club shipping Never had any problems ordering or recieving from EAC. Plus going to a ggood cause, so me happy there...
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    Music from 1981 Film 'A Dream Called EPCOT'

    Re: Music from 1981 film 'A Dream Called EPCOT' (downloads) back again, had purchased the film on Epcot, the Michael Landon narrated one, thought it was it but the important music was nowhere to be found! Blah! :( (on my side, Donald Trump just joined the festivities and I finished building a...
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    RCA Theme Song

    Buddy Baker did the rest of the wild score to Adventure Through Inner Space. Was kind of neat, playing sci fi soundtracks using orchestral. Loved it.
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    How Many Would Buy a George Wilkins CD?

    Re: George Wilkins' Music, Question!!! Count me in for a CD of his music trax.
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    Disney announcer question

    If you are still in touch, am looking for the ride layout to Magic Skyway at the all the music trax, of course...
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    The Wonderful World of David Oneal

    Re: Extinct Attractions Question He also does tributes to other park lost rides such as Knotts Beary Tales and Haunted Shack and KOD. Methinks the park does not care once the ride is dead and torn out.
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    Music from 1981 Film 'A Dream Called EPCOT'

    Re:Music from 1981 film 'A Dream Called EPCOT' (downloads) you got it, and yes, I met him already. on the 2nd to left, you may recognize Hunter Gomez from the movie National Treasure and a host of voices for TV shows such as Family Guy. Yours...
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    Music from 1981 Film 'A Dream Called EPCOT'

    Re:Music from 1981 film 'A Dream Called EPCOT' (downloads) It is a true wonderment. I will use something similar or some stylistics and the mood in an orchestral cue I am composing for a new movie. As is, I have a classical song I wrote that I heard in a dream of mine and will be using. So what...
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    Can I get some help ID'ing these tracks?

    Valley In The Clouds is the name of a David Arkenstone song, might it have been used for a Tomorrowland BGM?
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    Music from 1981 Film 'A Dream Called EPCOT'

    Re:Music from 1981 film 'A Dream Called EPCOT' (downloads) Squalls, been busy for so long, downloaded, going NUTS over the Communicore track. Thanks again there!
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    OT: Knott's Berry Farm Entrance BGM List

    I think it was composed specially, thought it wasd Verne Langdon, but he told me his is not. I will have to call up Bud Hurlbut sometime and ask, but our schedules are way the heck different.
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    SeaWorld Music Questions

    Hi Kirsten, please do email me. If nothing else, I have some fairly extensive lists including non haunt music for knotts, a pretty definitei haunt music list whichi Ultimate Haunt is using, some music used at magic mountain, etc. Get my name and just say yahoo.
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    SeaWorld Music Questions

    Doug, thanks on the western loop. First song they use at Knotts, and its been eluding me for ages. Thanks! Now, would you happen to have the track names for the entrance plaza loop for Knotts?
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    !!!ThemePark Music by Bruce Broughton CD Release Petition!!!

    #214 here Doug, long time no talk, how goes things? Eventually, I will have to send you some new music of mine, 'cause I am now making a movie soundtrack for this insane and fun movie called Horrorween. Stylewise, I think it will blow your mind :)