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    Best Disney Singer?

    Julie Andrews, Burl Ives, Thurl Ravenscroft and, of course, Louis Prima! ooh ooh ooh, I wanna be like you... ~RS
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    CD only available at the Grand Floridian

    There are 2 that I can think of, both by the Grand Floridian Society Orchestra: 1. As Time Goes By 2. Christmastime Is Here Are these what you remember?
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    Attraction Music

    Hey. Does anyone have that one song..... y'know, by those one guys... It plays over by that ride with those thingies... :P
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    Most wanted Disney musical CD soundtrack

    Summer Magic. Then Song of the South. Then... ~Rick
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    Favorite Disney Love Song

    Since the Ugly Bug Ball wasn't on the list, I picked Bella Notte ~Rick :P
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    Favorite Princesses' Songs

    A Dream is A Wish Your Heart Makes (Cinderella) ~Rick
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    Poll: Favorite Audio-Animatronic Musical Revue

    I voted TIKI even though I already have it on CD (restored vinyl version and WDW Forever). Of course, if the vote is for "Under New Management >:(", then I rescind my vote and give it to da bears. ~Rick
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    Favorite Sites for Disney MP3's?

    If you want to use a newsreader that is better at binaries, you might try Agent: or Xnews (free - a bit of a learning curve, but works well): or Newsbin: I use all 3. They all support yenc, which you will...
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    Favorite Old School Epcot Song

    Re:Best original EPCOT SONG I had to go with OTHER and I give the award to Russel Brower's FutureWorld and Innoventions themes. If these are not considered "songs", then honorable mention goes to One Little Spark ~RS
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    Welcome to the New Discussion Forum!

    Wow! I go away for a couple of weeks, and look what happens! :o Cool, hope it works out. Thanks, Trent. ~RS