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    Anybody heard of this album?

    Lurker here. Absolutely love this forum. The passion and knowledge is amazing and enjoyable to read and participate. I stumbled across this album on an out-of-print recording blog called "Way out Junk" created and maintained by Tony, and wondered if many of you have seen, or heard of it...
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    Disneyland 25th Anniversary Parade (downloads available)

    Squalls Ahead, I am very interested in the music selections from the film "The Magic of Walt Disney World". Cannot wait to hear it. Thank you for sharing from your collection. Ryan
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    Any word on 2Disc DVD Collectors Editions

    Again on the Digital Bits website, they mention some info that the Jim Hill website mentioned: the 2003 & 2004 release calender. You have to take all rumours with a grain of salt, but if it's true, we'll be seeing the 2 disc Lilo & Stitch in about a year! Here's the partial list: 2003 7/29 -...
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    A Second Lilo Sountrack Album

    Ben, Rumor has it that the Lilo and Stitch DVD is scheduled to be released on December 31, 2002. Ryan
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    A Second Lilo Sountrack Album

    A report that another Lilo Soundtrack is in the works. It seems that Tia Carrera's song was absent in the first soundtrack and she mentioned to the producer about it. He told her it would be on the second one. I found this info from this link:
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    Walt Disney Treasure Wave 2

    I've heard that the "Behind the Scenes" edition will contain the feature "The Reluctant Dragon". Also the "Wartime" edition will contain the feature "Victory Through Airpower"! Great news. Kudos to Disney for releasing some of the best from the "Vault". Ryan