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    Sad news today

    Also from the article- "Merchandise CMs have said that a replacement for the system is being developed by Walt Disney Records, and that the new offering might be available in time for the Haunted Mansion Holiday event in early October." What up, Randy? :D
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    In case anyone's interested, I've heard that Fantasmic's soft opening is this Friday night (the 7th).
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    Peoplemover Music (again)

    I know this has been asked and answered a million times back on the old boards, so maybe someone can help me out here. :) Can I get a complete listing of the Media Music release numbers and disc numbers that contain tracks used on the Peoplemover/Autopia queue/Superstar Limo queues? Thanks...
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    Disneyland Forever?

    While we're on the subject... Does anyone know if the kiosks on the cruise line were ever made active? (I'm referring to the note at )
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    Disneyland Forever?

    Whoops, ya got me. I got caught up in the moment and didn't read it carefully enough. Crapola. :(
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    Disneyland Forever?

    According to AVP over at Mouseplanet, the system at DL will be back online TODAY with NEW TRACKS available. Her post here explains things a bit-;threadid=5794 She also indicates that the kiosks are on their way out, so you'd better get those new...