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    HP IOA Playlist

    I know that this may be a little early considering the ride opened not too long ago but does anyone know the playlist(s) for any part of the Harry Potter land in IOA? (or more specifically, HP And The Forbidden Journey queue loop) Judging from the long video Inside The Magic has on Youtube of...
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    New Find for TL/TK Fans!

    While searching around on Youtube I found a synthesized version of the AMERICAN Timekeeper theme! The version released in the tokyo disneyland boxset was the Le Visionarium theme. Here is the video link.
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    Back from WDW.

    Back from WDW.
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    Cinemagique Silent Movies Track Released!

    :) I remember. (and I managed to convert it)
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    Cinemagique Silent Movies Track Released!

    On Broughton's website is the Silent Movies track from Cinemagique.
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    The Haunted Mansion CD / LE Box Set [2009]

    I ended up buying the Haunted Mansion cd for Christmas and I must say, it was well worth the price. The Phantom Manor suite, the music box track, and the graveyard medley were stand out. I also enjoyed the booklet that came along with the cd.
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    Tomorrowland Transit Authority

    The new audio is horrible, I have to admit. It sounds just like that original, awful, Orac-1.
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    Questions on OA Tracks and Other Tidbits

    Is the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror theme the Richard Bellis track you are talking about? (running about 1 1/2 minute in length) If so, I believe the track is a combination of themes from the attraction itself. Notably, the 5th dimension and drop shaft music are a part of the "suite". The...
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    Theme Park Music Session Scheduled for D23 Expo

    Interesting. Is anyone planning to attend?
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    The Story and Song from The Haunted Mansion

    It's possible...
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    The Story and Song from The Haunted Mansion

    I wonder if this second release could have anything to do with Pirates of the Caribbean, considering that has even been released on cd.
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    I just came on the new site and it looks great, definitely a major improvement. Any way, I was curious as to what this "Downloads" feature that is coming soon will be.
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    Musical Surprises from Randy?

    Now I'm really excited.