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    More Ravenscroft/Mellomen on iTunes

    You can also purchase them at The songs are from Capitol Records transcriptions from 1949. I have them on cassette tape and physically own all of the discs (there's one with Christmas songs that to my knowledge hasn't been released yet) but these are much better quality...
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    Yellowstone Cubs

    Rumor is that it snows a lot in Canada :P
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    Mouseworld Radio - Is it legal?

    You can listen to it without subscribing to it.
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    Imagineering the Magic.

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    Bass voice on Dinah Shore's recording of Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo

    I just listened to the song and the men are The King's Men (Bud Linn, Jon Dodson, Rad Robinson, and Ken Darby). Who the women are, I have no clue. The bass is Ken Darby. I guess all those years of listening to "Fibber McGee and Molly" paid off :)
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    Bass voice on Dinah Shore's recording of Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo

    The Mellomen did record with Dinah Shore as did The Sportsmen. My best guess is that it's not Thurl. Whenever I hear a bass solo on a record from that time period, I always listen to see if it's Thurl and I remember thinking it wasn't him.
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    OT: Next Wave of Walt Disney Treasures

    Did they ever release the "I'm No Fool" series on DVD?
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    The Wonderful World of David Oneal

    Re: Dave O'Neal's New Book I would be curious to know if Wally Boag was compensated for the home movies he furnished them.
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    Disneyland Secrets, Stories and Magic

    I'm hoping to get the Disneyland and Oswald discs for Christmas.
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    Tenor - Peace on Earth?

    I don't think he sounds like Donald Novis at all! It's funny...Bill mentioned the credit and I even told him that everyone thought it was Donald Novis. He laughed and said that he was there and was sure he sang the song. I went back and listened to the CD and sure enough, it's Bill Days. I have...
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    Tenor - Peace on Earth?

    If you go to his profile, it has when he was last active. Currently it is November 26.
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    Tenor - Peace on Earth?

    Wasn't there a credit that Thornton fixed? Something involving credit being given to The Wellingtons when it was really The Mellomen? I vaguely remember something like that. If he fixed that one...he might fix this one :) According to his profile he was lurking on November 26 so he is around.
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    Tenor - Peace on Earth?

    Joseph, thanks for the correction :) I knew Randy Thornton hadn't posted in a while but was hoping he was lurking ;D
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    Tenor - Peace on Earth?

    I don't understand. If you mean, how long Mr. Days has been gone...he passed away in May 2002 at the age of 91. He had a long and successful career in Radio, TV, Movies and Personal appearances. He is also credited as "The Prisoner" in The Haunted Mansion. If I listen to the soundtrack I can...
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    Tenor - Peace on Earth?

    MerlinJones, I must correct you and the website that gave you that info. The singer of "Peace on Earth" is Bill Days, who was the lead tenor of The Sportsmen. Listen closely and you'll hear he is NOT Donald Novis. Maybe Randy Thornton will read this and PLEASE CORRECT the credit. I was friends...