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    2003 WDW Planner MP3 **INSIDE**

    Just thought I'd let everyone know... This MP3 is of the opening to the disc you can order from - I'd strongly recomend picking up a copy of it, the theatrical trailer for Pirates of the Carribean is too good. I just recieved my copy today after a lengthy delay.
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    Project Disney, We hardly knew ye

    The message there still states that the site is down on an intermittent basis due to bandwidth usage and that it will be open as usage permits, so I'd assume just keep trying at different times/days. -LS
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    Rod Miller

    Just read on that Rod's just about to return to work next Friday (May 9th), assuming all goes well, and that the recovery has been going quite well.
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    2003 WDW Planner MP3 **INSIDE**

    I'm just curious - what is the 2003 WDW Planner? Is it a piece of computer software or is it that DVD you can request from Disney World (I have not recieved it after two requests). Thanks, LS
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    Rod Miller

    I'm glad for that too. He was his usual upbeat self that night, and I'm sure he will be when he's done recovering too. There was another pianist playing his (umpteenth) worn-out Yamaha piano (Rod's a legend for wearing out pianos, he'll usually tell you his current count if you ask) that night...
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    Rod Miller

    Sharon, I spoke to Rod the last night he worked before his surgery. Seems he needed to have some work done on his back, he said it would be 6 weeks before he could make it back to work. An update on shortly thereafter said the surgery went well.
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    Questions about Disneyland's "it's a small world"

    1) The finale has the child vocals. 2) The queue music is clips from what you'd find on the Small World record (I have a copy of this in my garage) or any of the long-playing Small World orchestration recordings floating about (such as the Tokyo Disneyland CD release). It's put together quite...
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    One Man's Dream Overture

    Has anyone found out whether this great piece in DCA's Animation attraction has shown up on any 100 years related records or other CDs? Is it a composite of other recordings or was it a new performance of the medley? -LS
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    DL's Winnie the Pooh attraction

    I went on the Pooh ride at WDW last October, so I'm a little up to speed here. I know they're coming close to opening, but there's often a rough edge here and there on a new ride. I'm certain there's both a bouncing car and floating car effect that just haven't gotten working yet. You're right...
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    Former Small World Soundtrack is back at Disneyland

    Has anyone else noticed the second verse of "it's a small world" is missing? "There is just one moon and one golden sun and a smile means friendship to everyone. Though the mountains divide and the oceans are wide...". It's just gone in the rehab, altho I'd place bets on it coming back with the...
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    WDW Official Album - Where Magic Lives 2003 in March

    Babelfish Translation (I love "horn Ted apartment" instead of "Haunted Mansion"): "Official * album of the ウォルト * ディズニー * world of Florida. In the start theme song of attraction of four main theme parks is developed the main street station of the 「 Magic Kingdom Park 」 one after another to the 「...