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    Disney Parks Official Album Releases — No More?

    Haven't posted in ages, but could anyone who has the physical copies post scans/photos of the albums for us who downloaded the online versions?
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    The Magical Music of Walt Disney (1978)

    Check out Today's Woot: The Magical Music of Walt Disney, Original Motion Picture Sound Tracks with Full Color Book (1978) Back in our day, music was on big, floppy plastic CDs called "records." Good gravy, are there three more wonderful words in English than "new old stock?" Just hearing...
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    Classic Disney Titles Available in iTunes Plus!

    DRM Free songs on iTunes are MP3s.
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    iTunes Question for Randy

    Actually, after Amazon opened their DRM free MP3 store, iTunes dropped the iTunes+ songs down to $0.99 as well. But they still charge the same thirty cent upgrade fee. If there are so many Disney albums at the Amazon MP3 store that are DRM free, I can't see iTunes ones far behind (and am really...
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    From Randy: New iTunes Titles are Here!

    Re: From Randy: New iTunes Titles are here! Found them all except the last 3: Songs from Lady and the Tramp The Disney Afternoon Country Bear Jamboree
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    From Randy: New iTunes Titles are Here!

    Re: From Randy: New iTunes Titles are here! Absolutely Awesome news, I think this is the best batch yet! I never thought I'd ever see 20k released. Awesome.
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    Updated iTunes Disney Archives list

    We're finally here, 3 months after the initial tease that more would be coming. For your convenience: Date Nite at Disneyland Walt Disney's The Parent Trap! Secrets of Life...
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    Message from Randy about next wave of iTunes

    Did some searches today, still nothing, but a search for "Date Nite" comes up with a related search of "The Elliott Brothers Orchestra" but they also have no albums listed...but it would seem eminent.
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    What's with ABMDP?

    Thanks for pointing me over to Rodentsections, I found the 2 videos I uploaded to ABMDP in January, and guess now I have somewhere to post the other stuff I recorded. I still have the big problem with torrents relying on people sharing the files and the speed of the download. With the newsgroup...
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    What's with ABMDP?

    Coming back to the newsgroups after a long absence, I was also disappointed to see what happened to that group. I posted a few videos a while ago, but now there's rarely anything good posted (though I did like the hotel loops, thanks). And now that I actually have tons of hard drive space I...
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    Updated iTunes Disney Archives list

    I really wish iTunes would have a better way to sort things out, like these releases on their own page or something. Since they don't all have the same artist it's not always easy to find or know what was released unless you read it here.
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    March ITunes List

    Another Tuesday, and.....nothing new on iTunes.
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    March ITunes List

    Yep, looks like we're waiting for May. I did some prying around iTunes today, couldn't find anything new.
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    1313 South Harbor Blvd. Links Down

    Yeah, I never found about the site before all those albums were taken down. I'd like to know where else to get them.