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    Frontierland Stockade Entrance Loop

    If it's the tune I'm thinking of, I've also heard it as part of the loop that plays on the Mark Twain between snippets of narration.
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    Disney Gallery BGM [DL]

    Ever since I got the Club 33 and Disney Gallery "chamber music" tracks from Disneyland Forever, I've been wishing I could find a listing for the order in which they played. I just found one for Club 33 on this very site ( :P ), but does anyone happen to have a listing for the Disney Gallery?
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    Complete Scores

    I'm still getting the hang of this site, so my apologies if this information is freely available somewhere and I'm missing it... What all Disney (animated) films have had releases of their complete scores, either as a general release or as a special promotional thing? I have three: The Lion...
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    Tiki Room Lanai Music [DL]

    I think the Live365 station I mentioned in the Star Trader thread, Uncle Walt's Place, has the entire loop, though again the tracks aren't labeled. I should figure out how to contact the DJ and see if they might sign on here and help out the rest of us poor schmoes.
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    Playlist The Star Trader [2003]

    It was playing last time I was in there, although that was a few months ago. I don't see why they would have stopped. Please do try to get a recording if you can. I was curious about the identity of the music in there for a long time and now that it's coming to light, I'd like to recreate the...
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    Playlist The Star Trader [2003]

    I have one of Perrey's albums and have been able to ID some of the songs played, although I don't know where they occur in the loop: The Mexican Cactus Island in Space The Little Girl From Mars The Little Ships Porcupine Rock
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    Favorite Disney Love Song

    Ditto. Almost everyone seems to forget that one (also known as "I Bring You a Song").
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    We're Making An Impact!

    Hi there! I'm new here. I found this place while searching online to see if anyone had up-to-date information on Disney park music loops now that it's going on two years since was updated. I'm very glad to have found it--my friends all think I'm crazy to be so obsessed with...
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    Disneyland Esplanade Christmas Music Loop (2008)

    I'm used to Disneyland Esplanade loops being on the order of 50-60 minutes. On another note, if any of the tracks sounds like it might come from the New Orleans Square holiday loop (do we have a track listing for that, btw?), you might try to get a hold of the Christmas albums produced by some...
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    Disneyland Esplanade Christmas Music Loop (2008)

    I believe "Sleigh Ride" is the version by the Boston Pops Orchestra. I distinctly recall hearing it played in the Esplanade one holiday season not too many years ago, although if they've changed the loop in the meantime I can't help you. Are we sure this is the whole loop? It seems a little...