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    Playlist Polynesian Resort [2010]

    Jay, Thanks for all of the hard work you do to find this stuff! The music from the Poly is definitely some of my favorite. Is there anywhere/any way you could post short clips of the three you haven't identified yet? Also, I saw that you aske that we follow the Amazon links from this page...
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    Park Music On MouseWorld Radio

    Please excuse me if this has been asked before, but I couldn't find it. Where do internet radio sites like MouseWorld Radio & Utilidors Audio Broadcasting get their park loop music from? It seems to be decent quality and it's stuff that hasn't been publically released (to my knowledge). I'd...
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    Polynesian Village Resort [1971]

    I believe the first one is Stars Over Maui by 101 Strings. Sadly, I have no clue on the 3rd. FoxxFur - Would you be willing to share the rest of the list?
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    Polynesian Village Resort [1971]

    The Martin Denny track is Tune From Rangoon off of Quiet Village.
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    WDW Parade Music

    Does anyone know if a soundtrack is available of the "Remember The Magic" parade from 1996, or the "Celebrate A Dream Come True" parade?
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    Playlist Polynesian Resort [1995]

    I have the Drum Beats of the Pacific CD & I do believe that these are in fact the correct tracks.
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    Playlist Polynesian Resort [1995]

    Jay, Thanks for all of the info on the Poly music! By any chance, have you figured out any more of the tracks that you haven't posted yet? Thanks!