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    wishes everyone a happy holidays!!!!

    wishes everyone a happy holidays!!!!
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    Ratatouille pre parade

    Does anyone know what song they play during the pre parade at disneyland. It happens just before parade of dreams. thanks
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    Remember Dreams Come true ....

    Does anybody have the pre show announcements for remember. thanks.
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    Disneyland resort Remeber the Moments 2 CD Set

    There's one more song on the remember the moments that's is not on any other cd. Its the new version of remember dreams come true. Its the same for like 99%, but some of Julie's narration is different. They took out all the parts where she mentioned the 50th. Hope that helps.
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    parade of Dreams audio mix...

    Thanks for the response guys. As for the gap between walt's speech and welcome is a mistake on my part. I didn't notice that until I had already posted it. I'm working on it right now. As for the welcome audio. it is not from the rehersal cd. I have that version to, but its not the one they use...
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    parade of Dreams audio mix...

    Hi everyone. Im putting an audio mix of Disney's Parade of Dreams. Its a audio mix of both live and source audio. Here's the first float that I put together. Let me Know what you think. Thanks
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    Neverland. the new song from Peter Pan

    Here's the mp3 version of the song. Hope you enjoy.. :D :D
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    I have Parade of Dreams!

    is there anything would like to trade for it