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    Disney's Animal Kingdom Music Loops

    ^ I've tried there, they've got a couple of them. I guess the one I'm really interested is the music loops from the Asia section.
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    Disney's Animal Kingdom Music Loops

    Does anyone know where I can find track listings for the various music loops around Disney's Animal Kingdom?
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    6 cd box set track lengths?

    Has anyone posted the lengths of the tracks on the Musical History of Disneyland Box Set? I ran a search on the board to see if I could find it anywhere but did not have any luck. Forgive me if it's out there and I just didn't find it.
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    A Musical History of Disneyland: The Facts

    Re:A Musical History of Disneyland ? The Facts Two or more questions... 1) Is the vinyl the only thing that sets the LE out from the other? Is the book included in both editions? 2) Am I understanding correctly that once these first 5000 run out, we have to wait until Sept. for the non LE...
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    A question from a newbee

    Hello all, I am brand new to this board, so be gentle. Anyway I was looking through information about music loops in the Disney parks and found several songs that play that are from movies that Disney did not release. How can this be? If anyone has an answer for me I would appreciate and please...