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    WDW Main Street Cinema Question

    Before the Main Street Cinema converted into VMK, it was a gift shop with a large screen in the back playing a montage of clips from the various Disney parks worldwide. It was short and dated and is no longer there, but I have a question for those that remember it : I could have sworn that the...
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    Encore! Concerts this Wed, Thu, and Fri Nights at Epcot!

    Re: Encore! concerts this Wednesday, Thurs., and Friday nights 8pm at Epcot!!!! I missed last years show, but attended the two before it, and they were simply amazing! They really need to start taping whole performances. The first one I saw, I think titled Boheme, had a soloist doing Defying...
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    World Showcase BGM Listings from Disney - Part 2

    Fairly easy to find. You just have to be literate and be bored enough to search through a few webpages ;D
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    Disney Records Japan page updated with TDR Albums

    So were we able to find out if that is the actual new Tiki Room track?
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    Disney Records Japan page updated with TDR Albums

    The page was just updated today with all the new albums that have been recently released at TDR. Music samples are not up yet, except for one, which is the "Disney's Hawaiian Album". On the cover is the concept art for the new Tiki Room. The entire album is standard Disney songs made to sound...
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    Tokyo DisneySea/land Music Albums 2008

    Very nice. This was the whole "Year of the Mouse" theme right, where they used "Mickey Mouse - Our Shining Star" for the showstop? If so, I am going to be quite a happy camper.
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    Tokyo DisneySea/land Music Albums 2008

    Kinda makes me bummed that I bought a lot of this stuff as individual releases before. These may be edits though, and not the complete show. Was Countdown Parade 2007 ever released previously? I remember reading on the vote site that all these tracks have already been previously released. I...
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    Tokyo DisneySea/land Music Albums 2008

    Whooo Hooo! Dreams of the 25th Track Listings: (From Disc 1 01. Viva! Magic 02. Remember the Dreams 03. Club Disney Super Dancin' Mania 04. Blazing Rhythms 05. Mickey Mania 06. Lilo & Stitch's Big Panic 07. Disney's Halloween 2006 08. Disney's Halloween 2007...
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    Tokyo DisneySea/land Music Albums 2008

    The Japanese Amazon site has them up for preorder with Japanese only track listings. From a pretty basic online translating service, it looks like we may get the new Sinbad ride through mix: 1. [akuasuhuia] plaza ~ day 2. [poruto] [paradeizo] (port [temasongu]) [[medeiterenianhaba]] 3. American...
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    TDR Dreams of the 25th Update

    Re: Dreams Of The 25th Update I am really hoping that, sometime over the year, they release Jubilation without character voiceover. It seems they went out of their way to make the instrumental sections more pretty, and the voiceover more annoying.
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    TDR Dreams of the 25th Update

    Dreams Of The 25th Update From This 3-CD set includes: CD 1 - Tracks voted by guests. (All tracks are already released on CD.) CD 2 - Tracks of Daytime Parades & Nighttime Parades CD 3 - Tracks of Regular Shows Released on July 1 at Tokyo Disney Resort. Later released...
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    What is the reason for the OA not being avalible?

    Chris, it's out. I was able to pick up a few copies two weeks ago.
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    Worst Disney Album Cover Ever

    I don't know...I am still sticking by this one as the worst album cover ever.
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    The Official Albums for 2008!

    I've read in a few places how the SSE score is the complete score for the attraction, but I don't think so. I have ridden it many times before the OA came out, but could not get the music stuck in my head. After getting familiar with the score on the OA, and riding the attraction now, I can say...