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    !!!ThemePark Music by Bruce Broughton CD Release Petition!!!

    Easy now... ~HWH PS: What was that you recently suggested? Something about not rattling the monkey's cage? Hmmm...
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    !!!ThemePark Music by Bruce Broughton CD Release Petition!!!

    I shall follow your sage advice, Bill. Always a kick sharing shoes, eh? Thanks. ~HWH
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    Walt Disney Records and iTunes EXPLAINED

    BDB: As you obviously don't own a Macintosh, one of the many Windows-using members here may be able to help if you provide some details. They're a friendly and helpful bunch, as a rule. ~HWH
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    !!!ThemePark Music by Bruce Broughton CD Release Petition!!!

    Obviously, that goes without saying. Honest. Really. ~HWH
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    !!!ThemePark Music by Bruce Broughton CD Release Petition!!!

    I'm not entirely sure what my lack of personal interest in his work has to do with anything--but, believe it or not, there's more to Disney music than Bruce Broughton. I must have missed the "harsh words" (sorry, *such* harsh words!) to which you refer. I simply suggested perhaps you'd attain...
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    !!!ThemePark Music by Bruce Broughton CD Release Petition!!!

    Personally, I don't care if any of this material ever sees release?but good for you for fighting the good fight. I wonder if you wouldn't have more success if you included the petition URL from your original post:
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    On January 16th More Albums Debut on iTunes

    Oh come on, you could have worked "download" in there a couple more times if you'd worked at it a bit harder. So, how do you *really* feel about online music sales? Might I suggest that you simply choose not to buy the darn thing via iTunes? That way you won't be contributing to Disney's "big...
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    Ludwig von Drake

    The fatal flaw in your reasoning is that the iTunes tracks in question are encoded to AAC from 24bit/96kHz source material. If the source were a 16bit/44.1kHz compact disc, you'd might have a point... but it isn't. ~HWH
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    Ludwig von Drake

    I'm glad you were able to print your jewel case insert. You may wish to check your printer settings, as I just printed a sample insert and it was exactly the same size as those used for traditional CD releases. It is debatable if the audio is of lesser quality as the iTunes files in question...
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    Ludwig von Drake

    Make a playlist of the album, select that playlist and then "Print." In the subsequent dialog box use these settings: Print = CD Jewel Case Insert Theme = Single Cover "Prints a single cover from the songs in your selected playlist or library. Uses the album artwork from the selected song...
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    To Randy- Could you please shed some light on the ?Parade of Dreams?

    You raise some very interesting issues. However, when all is said and done, the sad fact remains that the company couldn't move enough units of parade music to make it worth the trouble. The average visitor to the park just doesn't care about such material, no matter how many anecdotal "I...
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    TDL Music That Should Be Released

    I pray that those knuckleheads get a clue. Personally, I couldn't care less if any audio from Tokyo Disneyland was ever issued, but lots of people here seem to get a kick out of that stuff... so, good for you. Pray: verb [ intrans. ] ? wish or hope strongly for a particular outcome or...
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    Selling 6 CD W/ LTD Gold Lp #4121

    I predict that by Christmas, Target will be giving them away with the purchase of any Disney video or DVD... or a pair of socks. HWH
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    OT: Enchanted Tiki Room/Tropical Serenade Questions

    I'm sure you meant United Airlines, but I am less certain about the rest of your question. If you are asking if the pre-show was changed multiple times, the answer is no. The lanai pre-show dialog was changed only once after United dropped sponsorship of the attraction. HWH