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    New MNSSHP Tomorrowland BGM [2014]

    Disney screws everything up these days. Oh well, I can't complain since I don't go anymore.
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    Playlist Soarin' Queue

    The version by THX99 is correct (if only someone could identify the Battlestar Galactica cue that is missing). Come on THX99!!
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    Country Bear Jamboree Queue Music

    Not to my knowledge, but I'll check and report back in a few weeks.
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    Country Bear Jamboree Queue Music

    I haven't checked in a few years, but the Frontierland area music used to play in the waiting area (I have several recordings off the ALD system I used for comparison). There is a version of Shenandoah in the Frontierland area music (Track #18). Are you saying the version you heard in Country...
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    Saratoga Springs

    I believe Jay already did the Christmas loop for the main pool (captured a few years ago) from my recording. Contrary to what he says, I enjoy most of the Christmas loops on property (but still think the Boardwalk has the best).
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    Saratoga Springs

    It looks like I have approximately 2 hours and 53 minutes of an induction recording from the main pool. The full loop must be captured as I wouldn't have stopped recording after this long unless I was sure the recording repeated. I don't believe this loop is the same as what is included in the...
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    Body Wars Queue

    I just purchased the CD so thanks for the lead. I didn't have anything in my collection, audio or notes, regarding the queue music. So thanks again.
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    Is this from a WDW Holiday loop?

    I have not seen these tracks used before but I don't have information for every Christmas loop used on property. Sometimes Utilidors posts music that is not actually used in the park but where the CD was sold at the park.
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    That doesn't sound like fun.

    That doesn't sound like fun.
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    Future World Area Music Pre-1994?

    No. It just means when he compiled his video he had no accurate music to use. Again, the music you are referring to, as best I can tell, has never been used in EPCOT.
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    Future World Area Music Pre-1994?

    The music is sourced from a 1987 UK TV Disney holiday program and then background music from the GM Make Your Own Magic video. I am not sure where these sources acquired the particular music in question.
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    Future World Area Music Pre-1994?

    I guess I don't usually keep his videos as a search of my computer came up empty. If you want to rip the audio from the two selections you mentioned and send them to me, I will be happy to listen to them and see if I can provide any information.
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    Future World Area Music Pre-1994?

    I don't know what particular music you are referencing, but there are a lot of instances where the music in those videos is not accurate to the scene being displayed. If you can tell me where to look, I can try and answer your question.
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    Finding Nemo: The Musical Queue Music

    The music is the same as what plays in the area (the so called "theater in the wild" BGM). There is a separate loop that plays inside the theater. I've never tried to put a list together, although I did make several recordings of it over the years.
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    Visiting Walt Disney World in October

    October is one of my favorite times at WDW. Food & Wine, Oktoberfest at the Biergarten, and Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. It doesn't get much better than this. Plus, if you come on October 1st, to celebrate EPCOT's 30th anniversary, I may bump into you. :)