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    Pardon my ignorance ??? but... Is the Wonderland Music Store the same one that sells CDs in WDW MK at what used to be the theatre at Main Street, U.S.A.? Thanks! -Horizons Fan
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    Did anyone attend Disneyana?

    Hi, all, Did anyone attend this year's Disneyana convention? I heard the convention-ears had a great party on Friday 8/23/02 evening and Richard and Robert Sherman were among the VIP guests. Richard also signed some of his art work the next day Saturday 8/24/02 when they allowed Epcot day guests...
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    Loop at the Land's Sunshine Season Food Fair??

    Big thanks for tip - it's nice to see that this site is back (and got the list i was wishing for) :D (extra big smile). Thanks again!
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    Loop at the Land's Sunshine Season Food Fair??

    Hi, Does anyone know the complete loop at the Land's Sunshine Season Food Fair -- the songs all had something about the sun or the moon including: Sunshine on my shoulder (John Denver) You are my sunshine (instrumental, western style) Moon River (instrumental) Sunny (instrumental) etc. Would...
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    Lyrics to Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride and He Mele No Lilo FOUND!

    Hi, Jessica, Many thanks for posting the link -- these songs are really magical I can't help the hearing it in my head whether or not I am playing the Lilo and Stitch soundtrack. :) Makes me want to learn Hawaiian...
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    Bad Disney Music

    Hi, Sharon How was Fantasmic -- haven't seen the DL version since 1996 (last time I was at DL in 3/2000 there were no shows). Were there any changes made -- somehow I like the PeterPan segment much more than the Pocahontas segment at MGM. BTW, does anyone know if are they still selling the...
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    Light Magic ?

    Hi, sorry I have not been keeping up with DL happenings lately so pls bear with these questions: Is Light Magic back in DL? Is MSEP still playing at DCA? Thanks! -(Still a) Horizons Fan