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    How do your organize your theme park music?

    I use RealPlayer to convert my disney cds into MP3 and then play them on Winamp (free equalizer) while working at my computer. Right now I have two large playlists: one for Disneyland (about 200 tracks) and another for everything else, which usually means films and the box set anthologies like...
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    Hats off for synth pioneer Robert Moog...

    Electronic music pioneer Robert Moog, inventor of the Moog Synthesizer, died Sunday at 71. We all owe Moog a debt for revolutionizing popular music, starting with Wendy Carlos' "Switched on Bach" (1968) up through countless rockers in the 60s, 70s and 80s. Closer to Disney fans' ears, Wendy...
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    By the bye, what are the "various locations"? Naturally 20th Century Music, but where would one look in the Emporium or WOD? Are there other spots, including DCA? Just want to know, since this is beginning to sound like the "beanie circuit" of years past! Jason
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    Regarding the contest

    I too confess to rank newbiedom. It's cliche, but "I never knew there was a site for people like me..." Besides, my wife already officially asked me this afternoon if my "geeking" over the quality of The Incredibles soundtrack is just a phase or a long-term thing. I guess my number's up with...