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    Anniversary Schmanniversary

    Hooray for Jello!
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    OT: What Would You Do?

    OK...I'm appointing you all honorary Imagineers. How would YOU have handled the anniversary celebration? I'm not talking "release the Main Street loop on CD". Think big. What would you do to set this over the top? What would you have done to make this the biggest celebration in Disneyland...
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    Anniversary Schmanniversary

    With the world of possibilities out there, I think they really went light with this anniversary. I don't think the current direction of the park comes into play here. Yes, it's nice to see things improve overall, but this should have been a world-class celebration. I don't know about any of...
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    Background Loops

    Many of them segue into each other or butt up against each other. Some of them have effects in between to link wind sounds.
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    Magic Behind the Music and Legacy in Song

    I saw used copies of both the Magic Behind the Music and Disney's Legacy in Song boxed sets at the Princeton Record Exchange for $24.99 each if anyone is still looking for those. Not sure if they do mail order, but worth a try if you need them.
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    OT: An Open Letter to Sharon Kurland

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    New Space Mountain Music Full Version?

    Hi and welcome! Actually, Disneyland has been pretty good about releases recently (knock on wood). I think someone posted on there that the reason that SM is only partially represented on the new set and CD is because it was either unavailable at press time, or WDI was holding out. Not sure...
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    New 6-CD Disneyland Set: odd noise in Carousel of Progress Tracks?

    Congratulations, Christopher...wonderful news!
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    Epcot and Tommorrowland Music

    Bring it, Babe.
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    Sorcery in the Skies Fireworks

    What we learned today: Sharon stares at the sky inquisitively when she should have her eyes on the road.
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    Swisskapolka lyrics?

    Thanks for the tip, Condescharon.
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    Swisskapolka lyrics?

    Quiet, you. Thanks Merlin...these are, indeed the lyrics I remember. Now can you find the lyrics to "Herbie"?
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    Epcot and Tommorrowland Music

    Wow...what an outpouring of love. Thanks, guys! From the newer information that eddiej posted, if these are genuine Forever CDs, they might be the test ones that showed up on eBay long ago. Pretty sure there is info about them in the archive here. If they aren't genuine Forever CDs, they...
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    Musical history national release

    I didn't realized that the black edition hadn't come out yet. In that case, the World of Disney Store in NYC still has the gold in stock.
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    Swisskapolka lyrics?

    Anyone know the words to the Swisskapolka? I saw them recently and can't remember where. Thanks.