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    Tokyo Disney Resort 12-CD Box "Dream" Release

    Re: Tokyo Disney Resort 12-CD Box ?Dream? Release Does anyone know where/when/how this box can be ordered from the US? Thanks!
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    Walt Disney World Forever CDs

    In case anyone is interested, there are some WDWF CDs posted for sale:
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    Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade Dreamlights Xmas Version

    Well, that may be, but when I click Disney, where there used to be lots of items, there is now only one. I thought I had seen that they were liquidating - if not, why no product?
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    Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade Dreamlights Xmas Version

    Any opinions on the best source to purchase this for buyers in the US? I used to get a lot of stuff from, but they've gone under...
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    The Wonderful World of David Oneal

    Re: OT: A positive story concerning EXTINCT ATTRACTIONS club shipping I've had problems with the EAC in the past, but I agree that Dave has always been responsible and truly interested in improving things. I just wish they'd get that Mr. Toad DVD finished...
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    NEW Pete's Dragon, Tron & Camarata CD's

    I've shopped at Footlight online a number of times, and have always had great service. And the one time I had a problem, I called them, and they took care of it quickly and courteously.
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    World Showcase BGM Listings from Disney - Part 1

    My experience has also been that the cast members can be pretty helpful. I once asked the young lady staffing Impressions de France if she had any information about the music in the film, and she reached inside the podium and gave me a printed sheet with all the composers/titles in running...
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    Elusive Audio Files

    Complete sound files from If You Had Wings (either separate or combined as a ride-through).
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    Anyone know the notes to POTC?

    I gather that means you can't do flats or sharps. OK, let's transpose it. Try: E G A G F E E D D C
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    Anyone know the notes to POTC?

    Not exactly sure if this is what you are asking, but the notes to that section of the song (in the key of F) are: A C D C Bb A A G G F Hope this helps.
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    If you could choose ONE unreleased Disney song to get on CD for Christmas...

    My choice would be "If You Had Wings". Probably more than one piece makes this up, but I'd like to have more than the Dixieland bit that was released on WDW Forever.
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    New Paris releases

    Interesting! Does anyone know of a good online source for purchasing CDs from DLRP?
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    Holiday Wishes CD released this past week

    Picked one up at World of Disney yesterday. They had a stack of them at the information desk.
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    Disney sheet music?

    There are many out there - it depends on what instrument is being played, and the level of ability of the player. I'm a piano player of modest ability, and my favorite book by far of the several that I have is the Disney Fake Book. It has the greatest number of selections, but you have to be...
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    If You Had Wings

    Thanks for the update! I also continue to long for clean tracks from this lost attraction. On another note, the person who was doing the virtual IYHW ride-through has unfortunately decided not to complete the project. Maybe someone out there with the requisite knowledge could pick it up...