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    The Official Albums for 2008!

    If they are still floating in a couple of weeks I might swim for one. I refuse to climb the Swiss Family Treehouse, though.
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    The Official Albums for 2008!

    Have any WDW locals run across this album yet (consistently) at any store on property? I held off mail-ordering it because I'm headed down to WDW in a couple of weeks. Has anyone seen it at the Emporium? MouseGear? World of Disney? Where's the best place to look?
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    Music tagging and MGM name change

    Everything is still MGM to me, because I still haven't gotten used to calling it DHS yet. Probably because it was still MGM last time I went there in December of last year. Maybe after my upcoming trip in June I'll make the transition. :)
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    The Official Albums for 2008!

    Homeward Bound is my favorite Broughton score, too, followed by The Rescuers Down Under. Can't wait to get my copy of the new OA.