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    MK Splash Queue music loop

    While it was raining at the MK, I decided to write down the order of the splash mountain queue loop. There are some songs that I couldn't comprehend. *= Does anyone know where I can download the songs with the stars. Not the DL Queue versions but the MK version. THere was a website called...
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    MK Big Thunder Mountain Queue/Area Music Help

    According to the Digital Disney site, I got the following order so far for the Big Thunder Mountain Area Music Loop located in Frontierland at the Magic Kingdom @ WDW: Time: 19:55 1.Old Yeller* 2.Pecos Bill 3.Old Betsy 4.There is a Taver in the Town* 5.Roamin' the Lawless West 6.Buffalo Girls...
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    WDW Splash Mountain

    I know some of you posted queue music of splash from the mk, but u didn't put all of it. I was wondering if any of you knew what the correct order was for the following songs from MK's splash and not DL's. you are my sunshine tom dooley tennessee waltz swing low sweet chariot st. james...
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    WDW Splash Mountain Area Music

    Does anyone know where I can download the following WDW Splash Mountain queue music? I have WinMX so I got most the rest of the other songs but all I need are the following songs to complete the loop and does anyone know if there has been any changes in the line up or they added new songs...