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    Disney firework shows are in a rut!!!

    I really dislike the voice they use for Jiminy Cricket these days (ala Spectromagic) and am very disappointed to hear that Jiminy will be doing the narration for DL's Remember Dreams Come True fireworks show. I think I'd rather have the annoying little kid in Believe or even the grandma from...
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    Loops site - finally! (fingers fall off)

    The 30's Radio Program loop has periodic news breaks in between songs that talks about Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden could you NOT know where it came from? :-
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    The Christmas Tree by David Rose

    For years I've been captivated by a specific Christmas song that they play at DL for the holidays. I love it, but have not heard it ANYWHERE but the park so therefore never knew what it was called. Now looking at the music loop list created by xfkirsten, I believe this song must be "The...
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    ALL Disney fans MUST read this!!!

    I have to agree with X-S Tech on this one. Yes, these people DO seem obsessed with DL to a very high degree, but I didn't really appreciate the writer's tone. Any article about Disney where the author states something to the effect of, "I never really cared too much for Disney..." or "I don't...
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    DL's Winnie the Pooh attraction

    NO BOUNCING TIGGER SCENE??? :o That is CRUD! It's the best part in the Florida version. Why on earth did they leave it out? ???