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    Capture a Smile /Makin Memories Existence and History

    Although my memory on this preshow is vague, I do remember another preshow in between "Makin' Memories" and "True Colors." I'm not sure if it was officially called "Capture a Smile," but this name, and the lyrics you've provided, seem to make some sense to me that they might have been...
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    Streaming Disney "Radio Stations"

    Also, there are the broadcasts on shoutcast ( Doing a search for "Disney" there should produce a few stations...
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    Board Members Who Have Gone Silent

    Re:Board Members who have gone silent... Posted by: Ghost Host >>"Yes....where is Lem?" Building another house?
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    Sci-Fi Dine In question

    Thanks, X-S; at least knowing that it is, in fact, a Tom & Jerry cartoon helps! I'd love to recreate this video loop, but finding all the components is probably next to impossible, and although I always enjoy the thrill of capturing theme-park experiences with my camcorder (sometimes to the...
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    Sci-Fi Dine In question

    Does anyone know the name of the Tom & Jerry cartoon short that is played during the movie presentation inside the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant? I know there are at least two cartoon shorts played in the video loop, one being Tex Avery's "The Cat Who Hated People," while the other--the...
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    Mary Poppins DVD sound....

    Realizing that this is now an older thread, I just thought I'd add, for the benefit of those who still have not purchased this DVD, that BJ's Wholesale Club is offering this at $12.99. If you are near a BJ's Club and haven't picked this up yet, now may be a good time. - Mike
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    Magic Journeys (sorta OT)

    I remember seeing "Magic Journeys" at the Fantasyland Theater back in the late 80's/early 90's, too, with "Working for Peanuts" (I still have the tune to "It's a Lovely Day, Dolores" stuck in my head!)and over in Epcot at this same time, at Journey Into Imagination, "Makin' Memories" was the...
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    Disneyland shows filmed for posterity

    Thanks for your reply, Domenic. What type of projector did you get off e-bay? Any comments for/against it?
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    Disneyland shows filmed for posterity

    Thanks, Narkspud, for the info on 8mm and 16mm. Although I remember the 16mm projectors from school (who can forget "Primitive Pete" from shop class, among others), I haven't given the medium much thought until recently. I'm glad to know that these machines, and their films, can still be found...
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    Disneyland shows filmed for posterity

    Domenic, I'm curious--is it difficult to find replacement bulbs, and other parts, for these projectors? Can the 16mm projectors play the 8mm films (and visa-versa)? Lastly, is it possible to transfer film contents from one of these projectors to another source (e.g., computer, vcr)? Sorry...
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    New Loop at DCA's Hollywood Pictures Backlot

    Hmmm, we were at Disney-MGM in mid February and while in queue for R-n-R, I recall hearing many songs from different artists, and it seemed that most, if not all, were popular rock songs from the 50's-70's. In fact, I've been searching for a playlist for the courtyard loop, but have yet to find...
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    Your Holy Grail?

    I'm with John on "Mickey's Birthdayland Express," it's just one of those tunes that, although you haven't heard it played live for about 16 years now, you can still hear it clear as a bell in the back of your head ("Rollin,' rollin,' on the express"...) ;D And the original "Making Memories"...
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    The Land Music - - Last Chance?

    Yes, these are some of the more enjoyable smells we all remember; but what about that smell you experience on a nice "warm" July day while waiting in queue under the Endor forest for Star Tours, or in line for Peter Pan's flight, or scrunched together in those samll rooms for the Test Track...
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    OT: World's Fair 1964 photos

    Hey! Where's the audio track listing for the Billy Graham pavillion? ;)
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    OT: Runaway Brain Audio Out of Sync?

    And, I should have added that the bonus features are separate and distinct from the "Easter Eggs" on all these sets. The bonus features are clearly indicated and usually available from a secondary menu on the DVD. The Easter Eggs (additonal bonuses not listed on the sleeve or menu), if included...