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    Playlist Grand Floridian [1988]

    Woohoo! One track of the original loop down, 18 to go!
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    Rivers of Light & Tree of Life Awakenings

    It's on iTunes as well.
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    Disney Theme Park Classics CD 2017

    Not surprised but, at the same time, disappointed.
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    Playlist Polynesian Resort [2010]

    Thank you once again for all of your hard work. Hopefully they didn't change anything on you now that it is the Poly Village.
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    Playlist Grand Floridian [1988]

    Kind of like waiting for construction at WDW, but I understand that the real world has to take priority over a playlist. I appreciate all that you and other folks do here.
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    Playlist Grand Floridian [1988]

    My daughter was talking to me about this again today. I asked her if she remembers any of them and she said, "Alexander's Ragtime Band (but not the GFSO version), Elite Syncopation, and Maple Leaf Rag and/or The Entertainer."
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    World Showcase BGM Listings from Disney - Part 1

    I think #10 on the exterior loop should be Proteau Blanc not Porteau Blanc. This is the same song but a different arrangement. Proteau Blanc
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    New Official Park Albums Available on August 20

    If I recall correctly, Pecos Bill is just background music in Frontierland while Touch the Sky and Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo are both part of the background music at the Princess meet & greet/shopping location called Fantasy Faire. At DCA, On the Edge and Feels Alright were part of the rope drop...
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    Playlist Uzima Pool & Savanna [2008]

    Thank you for bringing this back.
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    Playlist Impressions de France [Score]

    Thanks for sharing that interview. I was sorry to hear it wasn't a real wedding,also. Every time I watched it I would wonder about that couple and where they were in their lives, did they ever bring their kids to Epcot to show them their wedding, things like that. So much for that.
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    British Grenadiers

    Identified here as the Main Street Fife & Drum Corps. The group in Epcot is the Spirit of America Fife & Drum Corps, isn't it?
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    Playlist Grand Floridian [1988]

    Thanks for the update.
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    Playlist Grand Floridian [1988]

    My daughter was just telling me that the same music is played in the Gasparilla Grill as is played in the lobby and asked if I could find a playlist so she could download the music from Amazon or iTunes. I was thrilled to find a three-page post on the subject and disappointed to see it end...