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    Nomad Lounge

    Recently visited the Nomad Lounge and enjoyed the music as well as the drinks. I thought too late to try and capture some of the titles using Shazam, but I caught one, Dreamtree. I tried capturing a couple of more titles, but the crowd noise was too much and Shazam could not capture anymore. I...
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    Playlist: Animal Kingdom Entrance Area Music - Holiday Version

    Could #10 be from one of these? (search for "Felíz Navidad drum" at iTunes)
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    Tomorrowland Transit Authority

    I don't like it, it has too much of an American Idol/High School Musical feel to the narration.
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    Unreleased Animal Kingdom Entrance Tracks

    Thank you much, my search capabilities leave a little something to be desired I guess.
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    Unreleased Animal Kingdom Entrance Tracks

    Is the Animal Kingdom Entrance Loop listed somewhere, I have been unable to find it. Thanks
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    Any New CDs Availabe at the WDW Parks?

    Will be heading to the parks in a few weeks, any new CDs that have been released within the last 6 months?
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    Playlist Polynesian Resort [1995]

    Excellent, I have purchased the iTunes available songs, hopefully the referral went thru. Cant wait for the rest of the list to be available. My wife and I are surprising our kids with a trip to the Poly in October during the Halloween Party. Will the rest of the list be available soon and...
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    Playlist Polynesian Resort [1995]

    Is there any advantage to waiting for the Playlists section to happen before purchasing via the iTunes links? Thanks for posting these links! Also, I'm assuming this iMix at the iTunes store is incorrect? Polynesian Resort
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    Looks like Disney may be coming to iTunes Plus...

    Which titles did you try to upgrade to?
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    Disney Celebrates America

    I just ran across that term "needle drop tracks" in another thread and was wondering what that meant. Does this mean an entire track does not play in its entirety and songs mesh into each other at random points?
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    Disney Celebrates America

    By listing I meant track list of music.
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    Disney Celebrates America

    Has a recording or listing for this show been posted anywhere? I have done some searching here and at MB, but can't find anything.
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    Alternatives to Rodentsections

    Re: Alternatives to MouseBits No problems with Rodentsections, I love it, just looking for additional resources.
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    Alternatives to Rodentsections

    Alternatives to MouseBits Are there any other sites similar to MB?