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    Remembering Light Magic

    Wasn't the soundtrack of the Light Magic released on Disneyland's OA CD in 1997? :)
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    On January 16th More Albums Debut on iTunes

    I have enjoyed some of the CD's I got on iTune, and now, I am wondering... where can I download the cover art in higher resolution? I mean that some covers don't look very good after I printed them out with iTune :( Thank you! - Matt
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    Kids of the Backyard 'Disneyland is Your Land' (downloads)

    I thought so too... even it's kind of annoying, but it's quite funny! :)
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    Disney Music Convention November 2006

    Do we have any info on the convention yet? Thanks! Matt
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    Disney Music Convention November 2006

    I don't have any information about th convention, but I did find info about the Disney music exhibits on EMP's website at Looks COOL! :) ;D
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    Song of the South

    Why can't they release the edited movie with the complete version in the special features section? ??? And... can they release the soundtrack on CD? -Matt
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    Catalog Listing for MOUSE TRACKS

    Congratulations!!! I can't wait to read it! :) Matt
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    Happy 2006! Rose Parade and HKDL song

    Anyone has the clip from the Rose Parade? Thanks in advance! :) -DisneylandKid
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    Happy 2006! Rose Parade and HKDL song

    I missed the parade... anyone has the lyrics in English? Thank you in advance! :)
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    Song of the South

    Mmm.... a special 2-DVD edition :)
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    Song of the South

    Wow... I am so excited about this ;D Song of the South has been one of my favorite Disney movies since I was little. It'd be great if they add the Splash Mountain as a bonus feature on the DVD ;) Am I asking too much here? ;D -Matt
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    Intersting article from Disney Insider

    As a lead singer of "Tarzan Rocks," Billy Flanigan is Walt Disney World's resident pop star. In 15 shows a week the boyishly ebullient 44-year-old belts out Phil Collins tunes rock-concert style -- live band, flashy dancers, sultry backup singers, and all. The father of four even has his own fan...
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    I was wondering if it's because they don't have anything unique to be released on a CD yet ???
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    Music on HK Disneyland website

    The new HK Disneyland website is up, and they have great music there! Check it out at Happy Weekend! - Matt :D
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    Disney MIDI - Welcome from Brother Bear?

    Thank you, Rick... I totally forgot about the ringtone from the service carrier. I went to Cingular's website, found the midi and downloaded it to my phone :)