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    Magic Kingdom's early Fantasyland music (was Snow White's Scary Adv)

    Re: Magic Kingdom's Snow White's Scary Adventures If anyone still has any questions about the old MK/TDL Small World loop, the track listing is: 1 It's a Small World (After All) 2 Ach Du Lieber Augustin 3 Alouette 4 Chiapanecas 5 Estaba La P?jara Pinta 6...
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    Anyone know Swedish, Italian, Japanese or Spanish?

    Wow, what a coincidence. A couple months ago I was bored so I typed it up. This should help: 世界中 どこだって sekai-ju doko da-te (throughout the world, where ever you are) 笑いあり 涙あり warai-ari namida-ari (there is laughter, there are tears) みんな それぞれ 助け合う minna sorezore tasuke a-u (everyone...
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    TDS BraviSEAmo Translation

    Here you go! Braviseamo - Translated by disneykw -Mickey Wow! Good evening everyone! Is everyone well? Wah wah wow! Isn't this amazing? Ha ha ha Wow Good evening, ha ha Is everyone having fun? Hyah, that way! (Mickey says this to his seahorse chariot) Wow! Ha ha ha Wow! Everyone's here! Wow...