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    I have Parade of Dreams!

    with all that negative attitude i don't think disney records will even release POD's! It's going be like snow white which was never released. And for your 411 the cd that was given to me was from an entertainment manager who's a close friend of mine at DLR!
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    OT (sorta) Light Magic Video

    The music to Light Magic was only released in 1997's Official Albumwhich is out of print! on Disneyland's/WDW and Japan's Music Vacation album. It was not a theme park exclusive it was released nationwide like Disney's 50th. Anyways the album version is not the full soundtrack to the...
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    I have Parade of Dreams!

    hi guys, i came across this site and i saw that a lot of you guys are looking for the soundtrack to Disneyland's new parade "Walt Disney's Parade of Dreams". It has not been released nationwide yet due, to some uncertain negotiations but, a friend of mine who is in the parade had a copy of the...