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    Donald Duck's 50th Birthday Parade (downloads)

    Wow! I vividly remember that parade. I was 14 when we were there. Now I live in Florida and work at Walt Disney World.
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    Illuminations with 1812 Overture

    You are correct. It is not on the Don Dorsey CD. No reason for it to be, he did not perform the orchestral music.
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    So Donald has a new voice?

    Tony Anselmo IS still doing the voice for Donald.
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    WDR and Wonderland UPDATE

    Sharon, The Wonderland kiosk in Once Upon A Toy is not working right now. I was in the store Monday night and tried to make a CD. It took the order, and then a cast member told me it was not working. They DO have a limited supply of CD's already burned.
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    Disneyland 6 CD Set Numbers

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    Next Wonderland Titles

    Family Band!
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    Eisner to step down

    It sure won't be Pressler!