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    Leonard Rosenman CD Features Body Wars

    Thanks for pointing out - without your post I would have missed this opportunity to get my hands on this release. The four tracks from Body Wars are musically much stronger than I remembered from the ride - and on top are a great souvenir of old times bringing memories back. Too bad Disney...
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    Disneyland Paris 20th Anniversary CD

    I think it is also a question what purpose the CD release was supposed to have. I don't think they wanted to create a real "Official Album" in the meaning of the according CDs released by Randy for the US resorts (and as TDR does for its parks). Instead the current release IMHO was supposed to...
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    Disneyland Paris 20th Anniversary CD

    Just a short comment concerning the CD title used by the mail order department - "20th anniversary album CD vintage collection". While the content (music from past entertainment offerings) could be assumed to be the reasoning for the "vintage" reference in the CD title I currently assume that...
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    iTunes Plus

    Hey there, Hi there, Ho there, in the stone age of iTunes many of the tracks available in the iTunes Store were offered as copy protected AAC with a 128 kbps compression rate. But then - ages ago - iTunes Plus was introduced: AAC without copy protection and a 256 kbps compression rate. And yes...
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    What Music Do You Listen To?

    Hey there, Hi there, Ho there, ... I am loving a good mix of various styles and types of music as well - from movie scores to country, pop, jazz ... if you are interested you can get a better overview over the mix at my profile at Before I forget it...
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    The Haunted Mansion CD / LE Box Set [2009]

    That sounds fabulous! I love it that the Phantom Manor track is returning, especially since the musical director of Disneyland Paris in a recent interview clearly stated that he thinks guests of DLRP are not interested in music of the attractions and therefore thinks it appropriate to...
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    WDW 40th Anniversary CD?

    I would love to see a multi-disc set along the lines of the DL release for its 50th anniversary - especially with EPCOT there is a wealth of original material not official available that could be released... however, I hope they do create a CD-set for the anniversary and NOT any iTunes project...
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    Anyone Having Problems Ripping the World's Fair CDs?

    The same here - no problems with the ripping. If you are absolutely sure that your cd/dvd drive, your computer and your software (or the interaction of these three elements) can't be the problem I think everything indicates you got a flawed set of CDs. In that case the product is defective and...
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    Mickey's Magical Party Time - DLRP

    Hey there, Hi there, Ho there, just a short note to let you all know that Disneyland Resort Paris released another new single (as usual in a paper sleeve) earlier this month. It contains the theme song of this year's celebration and of the new stage show taking place on the new stage on Central...
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    Premium Membership

    Interesting info - even so I must say, that I am not a fan of your decision to pester non premium members with extra ads as a result of creating the premium membership despite the fact that - as you state above - the premium mebership was created as a reaction to users wanting to donate money...
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    Celebrate You by Corbin Bleu

    Thanks for pointing out the option to download the song from the official website. However, when I found it there (linked via I could only identify a mp3 version with a rather disappointing compensation rate of 128 kbps. Any clue where...
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    New Layout

    Was that sarcasm? If so I would be more than willing to sign it. I remember the old days when you went online on the forum and immediately saw all new posts in the overview, now it is a hassle to see which posts are new in which boards. Considering the tendency of all of us here on the board...
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    Latest "Disney on Classic" releases in Japan

    Yes, delivers these CDs to an international address. Dirk
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    Latest "Disney on Classic" releases in Japan

    Hey there, Hi there, Ho there, some might remember the recent topic of the latest "Disney on Classic" releases in Japan. Well, in the meantime I got my copies from and can comment more profoundly: 1. Disney on Classic - a Magical Night 2008 - Dream, Dream, Dream This is the regular...
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    Disney on Classic

    Hi, question to almandot: no offense intended, but are you sure about your response regarding the Disney on Classic 2008 release? I bought all the prior "Disney on Classic" CDs from Japan and looking at the track listing of the Disney on Classic 2008 release I started to wonder. Sure there is...