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    Treehouse Villas BGM

    I used to work at the Disney Village Resort and found myself in the bathroom one day and while I was “busy”, they were piping in “When you wish upon a star” and I thought, “I have to get out of this place”
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    Lyrics for "At the Happiest Place on Earth"?

    Well...from the horse’s mouth...
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    Lyrics for "At the Happiest Place on Earth"?

    Is it not "face the pace of the future"? Is it really "place" two lines in a row?
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    Playlist Adventurers Club

    I was in my 30s when I started this thread. Yikes.
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    WDW 50th Box Set?

    I can neither confirm nor deny...
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    WDW 50th Box Set?

    Did anyone say, “Randy Thornton”? Who’s “Randy Thornton”? I’ve never heard of no “Randy Thornton”!
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    WDW 50th Box Set?

    He’s not responding to personal emails as well...though he still “likes” my stuff on Facebook. Unless Mr. Biggins knows something we don’t know... He is a man of many faces...
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    WDW 50th Box Set?

    He's not responding to my emails.
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    Main Street BGM

    I've never seen them surface in any other form than as induction or live recordings. I suspect they were recorded for the loop and not as licensed music because SOMEONE would have come across the original source material in the past 25 years...unless it was some obscure record in Jack Wagner's...
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    MSEP on Vinyl

    17 years late but I'm only seeing this now. No...I didn't...and I would check them now if I had access to them.
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    We Go On - Tokyo Instrumental Version

    I'm a bit confused by the mention of "Ikspiari Orgel Collection"...that seems to indicate that it's a music box CD...which this track isn't.
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    WDW 50th

    I've posted this in Mousebit and I know there is crossover traffic but I thought I would post here for those who are exclusive to MagicMusic. As the 50th anniversary of WDW is rapidly approaching, I'm curious what tracks you'd like to see if there were to be a boxed set similar to the...
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    Importnat Reserch

    Pretty sure that was Bill liking FluppyDog's posts, Jay. And I'm pretty sure we established that Marko was Bill. Hope that clears things up.
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    Importnat Reserch

    10 years later and still the greatest number of likes next to Jay. Fluppy...we hardly knew ye.
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    Old Main Street Loop

    Cross-posting here from Mousebits. I was watching one of Rick Conant's videos on YouTube the other day and found one compiling the non-Disney, Broadway musical medleys from the earlier Main Street loop. Included were medleys from two musicals I've not heard in the loop, "Donnybrook" and...