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    If You Had Wings

    There are several different versions floating around, if you can send me the file, send me a message for my email. I'd be happy to tell you what track exactly it is! I was working for the company when they removed IYHW and opened Dreamflight.
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    Space Mountain

    Which track exactly are you referring to, I have most every track that was played at the Mountain at WDW including, the RCA Tracks with vocals. If anyone needs let me know. Some are of execellent quality, and some are above average, I guess thats what happens when you work in that building for...
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    Horizons Audio

    Years ago, I had a friend working in the archives. and Those "imagineer" tracks I believe you are referring to are the ones that have the Studio markers with the tape label, ID - " BEEP BEEP tape A3 Undersea tunnel BEEP BEEP" is that what you are refering to? if so, those are the master Analog...
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    Greetings, Old WDW Cast member here, I opened Dreamflight, and was there for the Big Grand Opening, as for the Vocalist, I can call a few people and find out exactly who it was, but I actually do have The Queue Music, and I believe I have a full ride through audio thats no so good, but the...