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    The Enchanted Tiki Room 40th Anniversary Info...

    Scary thought... I've recently been doing some research involving the Smithsonian and they have quite the nefarious reputation. In short, if they can get their hands on it and it doesn't particularly fit their version of history, it can end up generically packaged, stored and queued for...
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    DAK - Asia BGM

    Okay, I found it purely by accident. I was researching gamelan degung music from West Java (a completely unrelated project), but parts of this particular tune stuck in my head. When I ran across the song during my research, I couldn't help but recognize it. For those wondering where the Asia...
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    DAK - Asia BGM

    Recently identified the first track from Fudgie's recorded Asia BGM loop as "Sabilulungan" by Suara Parahiangan Group (Sundanese Music Of West Java Vol 2). There is another gamelan degung track around 29:30 in that same loop, but is not on the Sundanese Vol 2 CD. Would appreciate any help in...
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    Epcot Illuminations preshow music - update

    I can confirm that live Track 8 provided by Justin is NOT Brumely Brae. Justin's live track is in a quick 3 and Brumely Brae is a quick 2. I'm just as sorry to not have the track identified as anyone else. Is it just me or does Track 10 sound like Aaron Copland? I know I've heard the first...
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    seek creative ideas for wdw comp

    persfave said: we're going back to WDW next month THEN Bill said: Though it's my favorite category, I would stay away from the extinct stuff. It won't mean anything to your friends. Start with something to put them in the Disney mood. (When You Wish Upon a Star from Pinocchio's Daring...
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    The inimitable Sonny Eclipse

    Hey, folks! A couple years back I managed to get a decent live recording of part of the Sonny Eclipse show at WDW's Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe in Tomorrowland. The restaurant was closed and the crew was cleaning up for the night, but the CM's were kind enough to let me in to record what I...
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    Believe... There's Magic In the Stars Video

    Check out
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    Disney Parks Tribute internet radio station

    I spoke with Trent prior to posting this to make sure it was appropriate to this forum and he agreed it would be fine. I want to invite everyone to check out my Disney Parks Tribute internet radio station via Streamer. I play music and clips from all the Disney parks including Epcot...
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    Looking Epcot Music

    At this point, Audio Galaxy is as dead as Napster since they also lost their suit against the RIAA. :'( Most everyone has migrated to WinMX or one of the Gnutella clients (eg, Bearshare) at this point. Rick
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    Bad Disney Music

    Okay, I've read through this entire thread and there seems to be two kinds of posts: a) the "worst" song; and b) the song we can't stand to listen to ever again (but not necessarily bad). To answer a), I would have to say the worst songs are: The Computer Song Strange Things (Toy Story) Enjoy...
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    Top Five Disney parades Ever!!!!

    1. Tapestry Of Nations 2. Spectromagic 3. MSEP 4. Remember The Magic 5. Fantillusion (haven't seen it in person, but the pictures I've seen and the gorgeous music puts it on the list) Special mentions: DMGM's Toy Story Parade; DMGM's Mulan Parade (the dragon/wall was amazing); Epcot's Tapestry...
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    Epcot Pre-ROE music - another title found!

    First, thanks for identifying this track. I've been listening to music for the past couple of years trying to identify it. I recently picked up a copy of Seelyhoo's The First Caul. While there are a couple of tracks that are certainly in the same vein as other tracks that are part of the...