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    "Magic, Music & Mayhem" Closing Music

    This is true. The show was trimmed of roughly 45 seconds from it's first year. The CD was produced during it's first year so no changes were made to it
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    Fourth of July 2005!

    It is a 9 minute track with a miss mash of patriotic music. No Gold Dreams. The finally is the Star Spangled Banner.
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    OT - Unholy Matrimony: Disney Welcomes Hooters Downtown?

    OT - Unholy Matrimony: Disney Welcomes Hooters Downtown? ? on: April 2, 2005, 01:36:13 AM ? Well there it is. Just because I don;t post hardley makes me a newbie. I have been on this board a month longer than you.
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    OT - Unholy Matrimony: Disney Welcomes Hooters Downtown?

    Kinda a day late withe the April Fool's joke no?
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    "Kiss Goodnight"

    The kiss goodnight song ending sounds like a rip from the Telarc CD A Disney Spectacular that was released in 1989. The last track on the CD is called Disney Fantasy Medley. And the ending is the same as the kiss goodnight music. I'm not saying that it is, but it sure sounds close.
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    New Fireworks Show

    The tenative working title for the 50th DL show is "Reach For The Stars". Also IMO, if we're slingin mud about who's show is imitating who's. I would have to say that Believe is imitating Sorcery In The Sky from the Studios. Which had opened way before Believe. One of the cloumnists on the...
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    SpectroMagic ?

    The base is about the same width as THA float, but the wings when opening and closing extend out away from the vehicle.