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    Wonders of Life Soundtrack

    Hmm... I'm now wondering if Disney, feeling empowered by the extreme goodwill engendered by bringing back Captain EO and the MSEP to WDW, are actually considering USING the Wonders of Life pavilion AS the WoL pavilion and NOT as a World ShowPlace equivalent in Future World (which it should...
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    New Disney MP3s at Amazon

    I would love to know what exactly's going on. Randy, can you enlighten us on this, please? BJ
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    What About Those iTunes Releases?

    I made a guess (because Disney loves synergy), but I was incorrect in that guess. Sorry about that. Anywho, I wanted to try and speculate why this might not happen till early next year. I know Randy has definitely been busy with some of the great new Disney music releases we've seen this...
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    What About Those iTunes Releases?

    I guess it might be December 8th, but Randy can correct me if I've got it wrong. Well, I think December 8th because of the release of the "I Believe" single with Tiffani Thornton & Kermit The Frog. BJ
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    The Sherman Brothers Songbook

    Gotta say, what an amazing CD. All of my favorites (and some that soon will be) all in one place! BJ
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    Tomorrowland Transit Authority

    Steve, I agree with you on this. It doesn't seem like WDI took much care to renovating this attraction at all; instead of actually replacing the speakers to improve the sound of the old spiel, they cheaped out and made a whole brand new spiel. I don't like it. BJ
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    The Sherman Brothers Songbook

    I also am curious about this "Digital Booklet" format. Is it iTunes LP? BJ
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    Anyone Recognize This Song?

    Yeah, that does sorta sound familiar. Where exactly did you get this particular track? BJ
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    Give Playlists as Gifts on iTunes

    I actually want to play with iTunes LP, but can WDR use this technology with their next WDR catalog rerelease please?? BJ
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    D23 Walt Disney Treasures Set

    Aargh. I hope this (or maybe individual rereleases of previous Treasures tins) becomes available to us non-D23 members at some point. BJ
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    The Sherman Brothers Songbook

    Not that I'm one to complain, but there's definitely some other things on my plate right now, like the Castle S1 DVD and Snow White on Blu-Ray. I'm more than happy to wait for some Sherman Brothers goodness (unless, of course, it comes onto iTunes). BJ
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    The Haunted Mansion CD / LE Box Set [2009]

    Hey hey Randy, so glad to hear about new iTunes WDR releases!!! What are the 4 "new" iTunes albums, pray tell? BJ
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    I absolutely agree with you regarding the use of the 2001 theme. I was totally taken out of the movie when that came on, because I've heard the 2001 theme so doggone much elsewhere that it didn't feel at all appropriate for that particular scene in the movie. It is just my opinion, however. BJ
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    Skipper Dan

    That's quite catchy, and will probably be stuck in my head for awhile. So funny, and yet pretty scarily accurate representation of the skippers. BJ
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    Soundtrack is on iTunes at long last! Oh happy day! Tron (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) BJ