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    Question for Randy-Musical History of Disneyland

    I heard that too. I surmoused that that was called the "Disney Medley," one of the bands arrangements, as that is what it is referred to as in the set itself.
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    Walt Disney Treasures- White boxes?

    What wave did you buy them from? The Wave contatining Mickey Mouse in Black and White Volume 2, Mickey Mouse Club Week 1, and Pluto Volume 1 were in white keep cases inside the tins.
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    Easter Egg found on "Your Host, Walt Disney"

    Amazing! Would never have thunk to do that...
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    Dave Smith at Archives

    Has anyone ever e-mailed the Disney Archives requesting information? What address did you guys use? I am doing research for a quick paper on the effects of Hollywood on WWII.
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    Song From "The Swamp Fox

    I remember a while ago hearing this song sung by The Marion's loyal slave. It was about heaven. If anyone knows the title or even some lyrics I would appreciate it.
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    Ave Maria in Fantasia

    Thanks for the info. But I guess the rest of it goes undeciphered? This is one of the hardest pieces I have ever tried to do so. I could pick out an occasional "grace" and of course" Ave Maria." Does anyone else have anymore info? This has been killing me ever since I first saw it.
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    Ave Maria in Fantasia

    Does anyone have the lyrics to this piece that were written by Rachel Field? I haven't been able to decipher them. ???
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    Disneyland Park CDs for sale

    There isn't much in terms of quantity, but quality, o yes. A Musical History of Disneyland 6-cd set Happiest Homecoming on Earth 2-CD set I haven't seen any other cds of theme park music except on the Wonderland machines.
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    Grand Californian BGM Loop

    I don't think there really is much music at the Grand Californian that isn't played live on the piano in the Great Hall, and then any recordings of songs played throughout the whole hotel have yet to materialize in my hands
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    Extinct attractions cd to give...

    I am a great fan of the Extinct Attraction Club and have filmed some attractions for them. Their CDs are actually not bad, but not as good as the DVDs. If you've seen them recently, they have interviews with the people that made the rides that they filmed themselves. So before you go ripping...
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    Disney Treasures wave 5 title info

    Thank God! I was worried Disney was not going to release any Treasures. They ususally appear on amazon like in June. Finally! Well, I just hope this Leonard Maltin guy has Roy Disney involved again. The treasures were so much better when Roy had a say, then the last wave to come out was...
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    OT: The End of Disney Animation as we knew it.

    Gee Whiz! I hate what disney has done with their mascot, Mickey! I mean, look at the crappy movie Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas! Mickey looks like a person with a mouse head over their real head. He just is not appealing. Goofy's eyes in the original cartoons were innocent, warm and full...
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    Kind of off the subject: Want info on Club 33, Going to Join!!!!!!!

    Hey! Does anyone out there have the current prices for memberships at Club 33? I have submitted my letter and should have a response in about three years. I would like to know the prices. ;D
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    Package Films

    The 40s Package films really do have some of my favority disney ditties in them. Which do you think is the best? My favorite is Melody Time. ;)
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    Musical History of Disneyland

    Just wodnering which people prefered.