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    For what its worth- the above is exactly what I remember seeing in the UK; a fade out after Stay Awake and a rather abrupt cold start on Admiral Boom- during the Intermission (as during the pre-screening) the Cinema just put on the MP Soundtrack LP. Also, for students of the very arcane; we...
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    "I Put a Spell on You" from Hocus Pocus

    I've also tried to get hold of this for years- why it was never released as a single escapes me- I believe that there is a John Debney Published full version of the Soundtrack in a very limited edition kicking around somewhere- perhaps if you keep an eye on ebay a copy may turn up someday...
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    Mary Poppins: Qustion for Randy

    First of all, thanks for the new MP Soundtrack-its wonderful to finally hear all that beautiful underscoring..the original vinyl LP was the first soundtrack I ever bought and its truly exciting to own this definitive version...similarly the reconstituted Bedknobs.. Actually, I've had a fair bit...
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    Mary Poppins: Qustion for Randy

    Well it could certainly be from a different take-its clearly edited in rather badly- but to my British ear it doesnt sound like Julie A at all, but somebody doing an impression of her. I notice on the new sountrack that Marni Nixon is credited on the track- could it be her, replacing that line...
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    "Mary Poppins Special Edition Soundtrack" Released on 11/16

    When i saw Mary Poppins (at the age of 9) here in the UK, there was definitely an interval, which, if I remember correctly, was after "Stay Awake". AM
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    Mary Poppins: Qustion for Randy

    I was watching my DVD copy of MP ahead of the new bumper release, today and I noticed something I never did before; In "Jolly Holiday", after Burt flies up into the air, Mary Poppins says "None of your larking about!". The voice on this sentence is clearly not that of Julie Andrews- yet she...